“You want me to pay for them?!” Joe King Carrasco & BP Fallon & Mike Mills & Danny B Harvey. Photography by Mike Webber

Mike Mills of REM comes to see us play and afterwards he’s saying how much he enjoyed it, the songs are great, the vibes on stage are great, the band is great, etc.

I pull out the BP Fallon & The Bandits CD and the ‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ CD and ask “Do you have these?”

“No” says Mike, thanking me as he takes them.

“They’re $15 each” says I and Mike says “You mean, you give me your CDs and then you want me to pay for them?!”

“Yes please” I say.

Mike takes out two $20 notes and, laughing, with a wave of his hand indicates that he doesn’t want the change.

I pocket the $40.

Then a few shows later he ends up playing live with us.

A gentleman.

BP Fallon – vocals
Danny B Harvey – guitar
Joe King Carrasco – guitar
Mike Mills – bass guitar
Clem Burke – drums
Annie Marie Lewis – backing vocals/percussion


BPFallon_rock n roll3_560b

Video: BP Fallon – Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll

‘Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll’ from the albums BP Fallon & The Bandits ‘Still Legal’ and ‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’. Written by BP Fallon/Aaron Lee Tasjan/Nigel Harrison/Clem Burke

Video & freeze-frames by Radek
with extra appreciation to Kim Galusha & Alejandro Escovedo



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