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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day we’ve created something very special.

We have two killer remixes of ‘Henry McCullough’ by Andrew Weatherall packaged in our most elaborately printed sleeve yet. The white vinyl has unique gold and black colour splatters and is housed in a gold screen printed reflective ‘mirror” sleeve. Each vinyl is uniquely numbered and part of a 1000 edition.

Don’t sleep on these because when these are gone they are gone!



BP Fallon: Vocals
Aaron Lee Tasjan: Guitars/piano/birorhythms
Nigel Harrison: Bass guitar/guitar/synth
Clem Burke: Drums & percussion
Ian McLagan on Hammond organ

Produced at Red Horse Ranch Studio in Austin Texas by Fallon/Tasjan/Harrison/Burke



Saustex is pleased to present “Live In Texas” the latest release from BP Fallon. Fallon has spent a lifetime in music as a storied DJ (U2’s Zoo TV Tour), writer, photographer, publicist (Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, T Rex) and manager (Johnny Thunders) but has come to the table as a performer only relatively recently. Described in Hammer Of The Gods as “a visionary imp”, by Vogue magazine as “a gentle wispy sorcerer”, and by Bono as ” a rock’n’roll creature. The only white black man I know apart from Bob Dylan”, Fallon has always possessed a nose for what is new and crucial.

This live album finds BP in fine form and was recorded October 2014 in Austin, Texas. Accompanied by Aaron Lee Tasjan on acoustic guitar and joined mid-set by Danny B. Harvey and Joe “King” Carrasco, BP spins a grand and artfully connected tale that is equal parts poetry, song and history lesson, climaxing with the rave-up “Van & Gloria”.

This limited edition CD (700 copies only with an excellent package designed by Steve Averill) is a must for any true connoisseur of the art of rock’n’roll.



12″ Limited Edition 180gm vinyl – hand-numbered and signed.

Presented by Vibrosonic Records as test pressings, the ‘A’ side of this quirky record plays at 45rpm & the ‘B’ side at 331/3rpm.

The music ranges from the ‘Shangri-Las-Go-White-Trash-On-Strange-Drugs’ celebration of ‘Hot Tongue’ – where the added voices of Carley Wolf & Annie Marie Lewis make like flame-throwers with lipstick – to BP’s ‘peace & love’ song ‘The War To Fight For Love’ with its elevating Hammond organ played by Small Faces/Faces icon Ian McLagan, bless him, to the reflective BP Fallon & The Bandits song ‘Increasingly Often’ here building into a wild rampage with Carley Wolf’s feral guitar & Jonny Wolf’s caveman drums pushing like a Chess Record on acid. Perfect.

There are other fabulous musicians on this recorded-in-Texas record: the ace guitaring of Aaron Lee Tasjan & Danny B Harvey & Joe King Carrasco. The classic Blondie rhythm section of Nigel Harrison (bass guitar) & Clem Burke (drums). David Holmes recorded the b/vs to ‘War’ in LA. It’s a family affair, family & friends



From the Third Man Records website:
“Observant Third Man fans may remember BP Fallon from his cameo in The Dead Weather’s “I Cut Like A Buffalo” video. BP has long been a legendary figure in rock and roll and has put his unique stamp on the history of popular music from his work as publicist and media guru, to Led Zeppelin and T. Rex, working for the Beatles at Apple Records, managing Johnny Thunders as well as so much more.

Third Man Records is proud to announce the first in our new Spoken Word/Instructional Record series featuring the one and only BP Fallon. This release is Third Man’s first “three-sided” 45 record” presented in our patented and exclusive “Single Signal” sound design.”