God bless Henry McCullough July 21st 1943 – June 14th 2016

We present this special edition of Wang Dang Doodle that was first broadcast on Nov 9th 2012, days after Henry suffered a massive heart attack. Since then he has been nursed by his incredible wife Josie. And today, while she held his hand and they listened to a song he’d written about their love, the song Foolish Heart, Henry slipped away.

Henry McCullough Hero Of Rock’n’Roll Wang Dang Doodle

00:00 BP Fallon salutes Henry McCullough
00:20 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:30 Failed Christian – Henry McCullough
09:37 Drunk Side Of The Moon – Henry McCullough
09:59 Last Of The Bluemen – Henry McCullough
14:00 BP verbal
15:32 Shining Star – Henry McCullough
20:39 I Couldn’t Sleep For Thinking Of Hank Williams – Henry McCullough
24:29 House Of The Rising Son – Henry McCullough
34:27 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The Blind Boys Of Alabama
34:33 The Ballad Of Sarah And Jack – David Holmes
38:57 When It Comes To Tears – Pete Cummings
42:50 Slow – Tricky
46:11 Unlock Your Mind – Soul Rebels Brass Band
50:14 “Yeah, baby!” – Jaime Coon
50:15 Big Old River– Henry McCullough
52:44 Peacock’s Waltz– Henry McCullough
54:52 BP love to Henry
56:31 Ould Piece Of Wood– Henry McCullough
60:26 Music is the massage
60:33 BP back for a moment
61:03 I Couldn’t Sleep For Thinking Of Hank Williams (Tulsa) – Henry McCullough
65:00 Poor Man’s Moon (Reprise) – Henry McCullough
66:35 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Hear here:
Wang Dang Doodle featuring Henry McCullough Hero Of Rock’n’Roll’n’Roll

Henry McCullough

BP Fallon & Henry McCullough, Dublin 2012 by Hedge

Are You Experienced? Jimi Hendrix & Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine)
& Henry McCullough (Eire Apparent) on tour together USA 1968

The Jimi Hendrix Experience & Pink Floyd – Syd on right behind Waters – & The Move & Amen Corner & Eire Apparent & Outer Limits, touring Britain together in 1967. Note Eire Apparent’s ace guitarist Henry McCullough grinning away second-last row on left

Sweeney’s Men – Terry Woods & Johnny Moynihan & Henry McCullough

Joe Cocker w/ Henry McCullough & Alan Spenner of The Grease Band

The Grease Band on stage at Woodstock in 1969 – Henry on right
of photograph in white shirt – before Joe Cocker joined them

With A Little Help From My Friends – Henry McCullough & Joe Cocker
triumph at Woodstock

Eric Clapton & Henry McCullough by & © Dave Robinson

Henry McCullough & Pete Townsend

Wings in Morroco 1973 – Denny Seiwell & Paul & Linda McCartney
& Denny Laine & Henry McCullough courtesy henrymccullough.com

Henry McCullough Hero Of Rock’n’Roll by & © BP Fallon

Henry by & © BP Fallon

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle recorded & produced by & © BP Fallon

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  1. Peter Holsapple Says:

    Wonderful tribute to a great man. The photos are wonderful, BP.