The Electric Picnic Music & Arts Festival, Stradbally Estate, Ireland
this weekend Fri/Sat/Sun Sept 2nd/3rd/4th.

BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets – with Dylan lurking stylishly on the very left – by Peter Pureheart.

BP Fallon singing his songs with Dublin’s Hot Sprockets for the first time ever, talking with Bob Geldof in MindField probably about whatever comes into their heads, a speedy recitation… herewith the programme:

Friday 10:30pm @ Salty Dog
BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets (a little taste after The Hot Sprockets have played). Some sonic foreplay before the BP & Sprockets full set on Sunday night @ MindField

Sunday 3:00pm @ Ignite in the MindField area
BP Fallon kicks off this year’s Ignite with a five minute recitation. Hit, git and split.

Bob Geldof & BP by Jennifer Andrada. Annie Tierney & BP by Kay Gourley.

Sunday 5.00pm @ MindField in the Leviathan tent
Bob Geldof and BP Fallon and – from Tieranniesaur – Annie Tierney discuss the future of the future and music, moderated by David McWilliams. This’ll be very vibey and probably fiercely irreverent.

Sunday 8:00pm @ Mindfield Finale Party in the Leviathan tent
BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets (full set). The rock’n’roll poet gets choogling backed by the blueswailin’ honeyskippin’ cats from the Southside delta of Dublin. We can’t help it – Sprocket to me, baby!

BP on The Hot Sprockets: “I love their ‘Honeyskippin’ album and went to meet them in Dublin at their rehearsal space and there on the walls are their posters – Son House, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Raconteurs, Blind Willie McTell, John Lee Hooker and Led Zeppelin. I thought ‘That’ll do!'”

Other bands playing Electric Picnic
Arcade Fire – Pulp – The Chemical Brothers – Big Audio Dynamite – Interpol – PJ Harvey – Beirut – Mogwai – Underworld – The Family Stone – Sinéad O’Connor – Public Enemy – Jimmy Cliff – Joan As Policewoman – Death In Vegas – Toots And The Maytals – The Mighty Stef – Sweet Jane – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – The Black Angels and a million more!

The Salty Dog stage in the woods before the deluge, by BP Fallon. We jest you not!

Some tickets still available here

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BP Fallon & Matt Cooper by Ronan Lawlor courtesy TodayFM

BP Fallon in The Matt Cooper Interview (22mins)
TodayFM August 26th 2011

In an interview that is as far-out as it is deep, BP Fallon talks to Matt Cooper about New York, about Ireland, happiness, the afterlife, secrets, drinks and drugs, God, rock’n’roll, living on a beach, making music, Electric Picnic, BP Fallon & His Bandits, U2… and having children.

Dylan Haskins diylan
Amazing. @BPFallon reasoning that you can roll a joint on a record but not on an MP3 on The Last Word.

Half of BP Fallon & Dave Fanning by BP

BP Fallon interviewed by Dave Fanning (12.53) RTE 2FM August 27th 2011

BP talks to Dave about MindField at Electric Picnic this weekend with Bob Geldof, about the state of record companies, about BP Fallon & His Bandits… and, under Dave’s determined questioning, admits to being a guest and DJing at that wedding.

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BP Fallon giving a spoken word performance of I Believe In Elvis Presley before The Kills at Terminal 5 NYC August 8th 2011. Filmed by Johanna Port

Angle #1: BP Fallon before The Kills at Terminal 5 NYC August 8th 2011 by Jen Maler

Angle #2: BP Fallon before The Kills by Dana (Distortion) Yavin/Brooklyn Vegan

Reports Brooklyn Vegan: “Though not on the bill, BP Fallon, who played Escape To NY over the weekend, made a surprise appearance at the Terminal 5 shows…”
More Brooklyn Vegan review of The Kills show Monday August 8th 2011 plus amazing pix

Eric Odioso ecodios
@thirdmanrecords BP Fallon just killed it on stage at Terminal 5. Amazing.

Barbara S peelslowlysee
BP Fallon making T5 a whole lot less shitty.

Makar MakarMusic
@bpfallon you were amazing last night at The Kills show, great poem! brought tears to our eyes!

The next night at The Kills show, BP Fallon was joined on stage at New York’s Terminal 5 by Aaron Lee Tasjan – ace guitarist in BP Fallon & His Bandits.

“A bowler-topped BP Fallon, founder of the internationally renowned Death Disco parties and a punk cause célèbre in his own right, provided the perfect introduction to his friends The Kills’ set with his ‘one and a half songs’, performed with one of his Bandits on angsty guitar. ‘I Believe in Elvis Presley’, part spoken word, part litany in barren blues, is a song for which Fallon was recently flown to Nashville to record in Jack White’s studio. In tonight’s rendition, Fallon listed a few of his favorite things, from hallucinogens to LSD to Oscar Wilde and Elvis Presley, topping it off with, yes, The Kills”.
More review of The Kills show Tuesday August 9th 2011 plus cool pix

Angle #3: BP Fallon before The Kills by Gregg Greenwood

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Ian McLagan Wang Dang Doodle

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Wang Dang Doodle Artist Of The Week – from Austin via London
– Ian McLagan

00:00 BP Fallon blows the whistle
00:15 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:24 Hot Tramp – The Riptide Movement
03:36 Cult Staus – The Izzys
06:30 Could Be, Doesn’t Matter – The Heads
10:31 BP verbal
11:25 Never Say Never – Ian McLagan
14:52 Cruisin’ – The Hot Spockets
17:36 Gramophone Choogle
17:43 Chant – The Hot Sprockets
18:32 Sonny Boy Blues – The Hot Sprockets
25:18 The Best Man – Carbon/Silicon
30:35 Make It Alright – Carbon/Silicon
35:08 I’m Hot, You’re Cool – Ian McLagan
38:23 BP rabbit
39:18 A Little Black Number – Ian McLagan
42:26 Too Cool To Love – The Ropes
45:06 I Will Follow – Ian McLagan
48:58 A Love Supreme – Global Sound Lodge
54:23 Loverman – Ian McLagan
56:31 BP adieu
58:00 I’m Leavin’ – The Hot Sprockets
60:45 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Hear here!
BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Ian Mclagan, on BTR

Ian McLagan w/ Patti Griffin – Never Say Never live on Letterman

The Faces w/ Keith Richards on Chuckleberry’s Sweet Little Rock’n’Roller

The Small Faces w/ Stanley Unwin – Happy Days Towtown
from the album Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake

Ian McLagan

Small Faces: Kenney Jones & Ian McLagan
& Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane

The Faces: Rod Stewart & Ian McLagan
& Kenney Jones & Ronnie Wood & Ronnie Lane

The Riptide Movement

The Hot Sprockets

Sonny Boy Williamson

“Life is just a bowl of All Bran/You wake up ev’ry morning and it’s there…”

Breakthru Radio

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Chelsea Hotel NYC RIP inc Dee Dee Ramone flashback

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Room 205: Dylan Thomas drank himself to death.
Room 614: Arthur Miller got over his break-up with Marilyn Monroe.
Room 211: Bob Dylan stayed up for days “writin’ ‘Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands'”.
Room 100: Sid Vicious didn’t or did stab Nancy Spungen to death.
Room 415: Where Leonard Cohen visited Janis Joplin, writing about the affair in his song ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’.

And now it’s no more, not the same way anyway – the Chelsea Hotel has been sold to developers for $80 million. The 100 permanent residents will be allowed to stay on – well that’s what they’re being told – but however loose and free-form it may remain and it probably won’t… something is over.

Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road at the Chelsea, maybe. Arthur C Clarke wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Chelsea. BP Fallon used to stay at the Chelsea. Well, of course. Strangely strange but oddly normal.

To celebrate the magic and madness of the Chelsea, we present this piece by BP Fallon about one of his visitations to this strange and magnetic New York fun palace. It was written on the death of Dee Dee Ramone in June 2002. Count us in, Dee Dee: “One-two-three-fuh!”


BP Fallon – who toured with the Ramones in 1977 and 1978 – dips into the archives of oblivion to remember Dee Dee Ramone

“Somebody called me on the phone/ They said ‘Hey, is Dee Dee home?/ Do you wanna take a walk/ You wanna go cop/ You wanna go get some Chinese rocks?’/ I’m living on a Chinese rock/ All my best things are in hock…/ It’s hard as a bitch/ I should’ve been rich/ But I’m just digging a Chinese ditch” – ‘Chinese Rocks’ by Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Thunders

Not many years ago, I was headed to New York where I was staying at the Chelsea Hotel. Sinéad O’Connor had just returned to Dublin from a stay at the Chelsea and whilst there she’d met up with Dee Dee Ramone, who was living at the Gothic pile. “If you see Dee Dee,” Sinéad said, “please give him my love.”

Ah yeah, I’m thinking, bump into Dee Dee? Pretty unlikely, really.

First afternoon in New York and there he is, Dee Dee standing alone on West 23rd Street outside the Chelsea, standing right in front of the hotel’s metal sign that celebrates the writers and artists who have lived there, people like Thomas Wolfe and Dylan Thomas – no mention of the other Dylan or Leonard Cohen or Janis Joplin or Jimi or Edie or Patti or Nico, let alone our mutual silly dead friend Sid.

Ah well.

We say hi, Dee Dee and I. I pass on Sinéad’s good wishes. Dee Dee says he’s writing a book. It’s good to see him again. He seems in good shape. “See you down the yellow brick road,” I say.

I’m in my room and there’s a knock on the door. It’s Dee Dee, who’s discovered my room number. “Here,” he says, “I thought you might like something to smoke” and he proffers a little $10 bag of grass. It’s kinda touching, this little baggie of street weed from this tattooed lunatic who’s one of the greatest rock’n’roll songwriters ever. An unsung talent, really, is Dee Dee.

We’re sitting there happily smoking up Dee Dee’s Jazz Woodbine and chinwagging about mutual friends, most of them departed to hang out with Old Shep and Elvis.

“I killed Johnny and Jerry and Stiv” Dee Dee suddenly announces. What? “I killed Johnny and Jerry and Stiv” Dee Dee repeats, referring to Johnny Thunders and Johnny’s soul brother Jerry Nolan – who, like Johnny, was in The Dolls and The Heartbreakers, and who, like Johnny, is brown bread too – and the Dead Boys’ Stiv Bators, another RIP.

What, Dee Dee? “I killed Johnny and Jerry and Stiv” Dee Dee repeats a second time. “Listen”, I say, “if I thought that was true I’d throw you out the fucking window”.

At that moment the phone rings. I take the call. I’m rabbiting into the blower and Dee Dee’s sitting there sucking on the roach, gazing out of the open window. As I’m talking, I grab a pen and write “Be with you in a mo” and show it to Dee Dee. Seconds later, while I’m still talking on the phone, Dee Dee strides to the door and closes it gently behind him. Oh.

Half an hour later, the phone rings again. It’s Dee Dee. “Listen”, he says, “I don’t think we should be hanging out together. It might be dangerous. Nobody talks to me like that and lives.” Oh.

If you see Dee Dee please give him my love.

BP Fallon NYC June 2002

God bless Dee Dee Ramone
Sept 18th 1951 – June 5th 2002
Rest in peace, brother

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