Happy 75th Birthday Bob Dylan – The Curious Tale Of Bob Dylan & Johnny Thunders & Sid Vicious & Van Morrison

Patsy Dennehy & BP Fallon & Bob Dylan at Slane Castle 1984. Photography by Nutan Photographic Today is Bob Dylan’s 75th Birthday. To mark this milestone occasion we present: THE CURIOUS TALE OF BOB DYLAN & JOHNNY THUNDERS & SID VICIOUS & VAN MORRISON by BP Fallon Slane Castle, County Meath, Ireland 1984… and beyond Written NYC July 15/16th 2003 1984 and the Orwellian seer Bob Dylan. Chinwagging with The Big Zee in his trailer before the gig, him asking you ’bout that guitar-toting buzzard Johnny Thunders who you’d introduced him to at a Link Wray show in London some […]

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