BP Fallon – I Believe In Elvis Presley – Strypes intro for their homecoming at Cavan Town Hall

Jenny McGovern reports in The Anglo Celt:
‘I believe’
“Rock‘n’Roll legend BP Fallon flew from his home in New York to introduce the Strypes, telling the crowd: ‘I believe in County Cavan/ I believe in Town Hall nights/ I believe in Josh and Ross and Pete and Evan/ I believe in The Strypes'”. Read more

BP Fallon introducing The Strypes on New Year’s Eve in College Green, Dublin. Photography by Laura Whitmore

BP Fallon & Ross Farrelly of The Strypes have a warble on ‘Van And Gloria’ at Blessings Pub in Cavan. Photography by Risa

Photograph in The Anglo Celt by Paul Reynolds

Man in blue. Photography by Risa

The Strypes rocking it in Cavan. Photography by BP Fallon

2 Responses to “Video – BP Fallon introduces The Strypes Cavan Town Hall Dec 28 2013”

  1. Risa Says:

    Thank you for using photos I took ! I am very honored !!

  2. BP Fallon Says:

    You’re more than welcome, Risa!
    – BP