The Reason Why

Jack White vox
BP Fallon vox

90 second movie created by Shimmy Marcus


Music: The White Stripes ‘Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine’

Meanwhile, I’m still thinkin’…

Marc Bolan by Tony Visconti

Brian Jones

Bob Dylan, ‘Isis’

Elvis as Tumbleweed by Alfred Wertheimer

John Lennon by Robert Freeman

John Lennon & BP Fallon

Keith Richards by Annie Leibowitz

John Lennon

Hank Williams

Bo Diddley

Jimi Hendrix

Brian Jones playing Mellotron

Gram Parsons

Jimi Hendrix plus Eric Burdon, John Mayall, Steve Winwood
and – from The Move – Carl Wayne

Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards
Chelsea Leyland & Aaron Lee Tasjan by BP Fallon

Jimi Father Christmas by Dezo Hoffman

Bob Dylan Hears A Who


BP Fallon on TV in the 80s

Elvis the DJ

Jimi’s hat


John Lennon by Bob Gruen

Charlie Chaplin plus 1 in Modern Times


4 Responses to “Video: The Reason Why – Jack White & BP Fallon”

  1. Lily Says:

    Hah – that’s great! Jack White always has something unique, and often brilliant, to say about things – especially things that other people might think are mundane, or that they take for granted. It opens up a strange new perspective or way of looking at the world, it becomes kind of enchanted. And Fallon does something similar, torques our way of seeing things. I’m glad the two of you connected, and I look forward to more of your fascinating work. <]:-)

  2. Declan Mulligan Says:

    As Me Moother used to say “Here’s yer Hat, and where’s yer Hurry?”

  3. Colm Allen Says:

    And as Me Mudder used to say “if you want to get ahead, get a hat”

  4. munchaus Says:

    I remember Jack getting interviewed on MTV and he says to the guy somethin like “you’re wearing a baseball hat, have some self-respect at least”
    hats change you, and how people look at you, as snobby as can be