“To say I loved Marc Bolan would be untrue…”

Marc Bolan & BP Fallon, London 1970. Photography by Barrie Wentzell TO SAY I LOVED MARC BOLAN WOULD BE UNTRUE I LOVE HIM A PERFECT MAN? NO A MAGIC MAN? YES MARC HAD A ROCK’N’ROLL HEART AND STYLE AND FLASH AND HE KNEW HOW TO MAKE THE GIRLS CRY IN HAPPINESS THERE’S MORE OF COURSE BUT THAT’LL DO FOR NOW KEEP ON CHOOGLING, MARC YOU ARE HERE FOREVER I LOVE YOU -BP Fallon x Written a year ago in Dublin Sept 16 2012 Marc Bolan died 36 years ago today. He was 29 years of age and rocking. Marc Bolan […]

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