BP Fallon recites ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’ from the end of the runway at Austin Music Hall as on oblique intro to the new collection by Boudoir Queen

BP Fallon at the Austin Fashion Week Awards photographed by Patrick Meredith

Freezeframe ~ Sara Cummings at the Austin Fashion Week Awards

Video directed by Jose Jones
Special Thanks ~ BP Fallon
Additional camera Andrew Gonzalez
Music compiled by Mark Younger-Smith

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Wang Dang Doodle Artist Of The Week – from Richmond, Virginia
– Matthew E. White

00:00 BP Fallon wonders “Where does the morning spend the night?”
00:27 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:37 Will You Love Me – Matthew E. White
04:53 Dishonest John – The Jim Jones Revue
07:05 Bright New Way (Hillbilly Mix) – Noel Redding
11:00 BP Goes Spacehog
11:52 One Of These Days – Matthew E. White
17:08 Getchya Hip Thrust – The Ghost Wolves
20:27 Cause And Effect (Fucking Idiot) – BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves
23:51 Dr Winston Gets Sanguine
23:55 Fame #9 – BP Fallon
27:15 BP Fallon Interview By Jack White
31:50 Comme Ci Comme Ca – Jeanne Marine & BP Fallon
34:20 Hot Toddies – Matthew E. White
39:57 I Saw My Baby – Joe King Carrasco
43:06 Couch – The Radar Brothers
46:52 Seamless Boogie Woogie – Clinic
50:22 BP in the amen corner
52:27 Brazos – Matthew E. White
62:16 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling
62:39 That’s All 4 Now, Folks!

Hear here!
Wang Dang Doodle featuring Matthew E. White, on BTR

Matthew E. White – Will You Love Me

BP Fallon & The Bandits PledgeMusic.com campaign – read all about it!
Thank you Mark Kavanagh

The Old Bohemian

BP Fallon – Fame #9 produced by Jack White

The Jim Jones Revue – Here To Save Your Soul

Radar Brothers – Eight

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – Jonny Wolf (drums & percussion)
& BPF (vocals) & Carley Wolf (guitar) by & © Aaron Lee Tasjan

Jeanne Marine Goes Zep
by & © BP Fallon

Breakthru Radio

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Gavin Friday in Soho in New York 1996 by BP Fallon

Ireland’s Electric Picnic Music Festival has just announced the pairing of two rock’n’roll legends on the festival’s opening day in MindField Friday Aug 31st at 5pm:

Gavin Friday & BP Fallon – Fear & Loathing & Loving At Electric Picnic

“You can call it ‘Two Rock’n’Roll Tarts Have A Chinwag’ if you want'” says BP Fallon who will be in surreal conversation with Gavin Friday.

Eccentric left-field one-offs, Friday and Fallon have much in common – a love of Marc Bolan and Ghandi and an appreciation of Quentin Crisp, a healthy distain for the mainstream and an exploration of the impossible.

This will not simply be another interview in a tent – think Gavin in full flow at Mr Pussy’s and BP Fallon interviewed by Jack White – ie anything can happen – and will.

Kick off your Electric Picnic with some MindField mind warp!

Sara Cummings & BP Fallon & Isabel Jaramillo by The Bar Bat

Electric Picnic 2012
w/ The Cure, Patti Smith, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The Killers, Orbital, Azealia Banks, Sigor Ross, Grimes, Christy Moore, Hot Chip, Elbow etc etc etc

Tickets here

Electric Picnic Music Festival, Stradbally Hall, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland this weekend Fri Aug 31/Sat Sept 1/Sun Sept 2

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Aaron Lee Tasjan & BP Fallon taking a bow at Escape 2 Montauk
by Kaia Marie Balcos

BP Fallon and Aaron Lee Tasjan played at Escape 2 Montauk on Saturday.

Billed to play acoustically and following the DJ set by Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes, Aaron put his guitar through all kinds of out-there effects so the duo’s impassioned set sounded more like a space-age Billy Lee Riley on amphetamines than some Simon And Garfunkel outing, as the two men in hats rocked’n’rolled through their BP Fallon & The Bandits songbook. The punters of this high-end environment loved it, shaking their drinks very loudly and rattling their jewelry.

“BP Fallon’s performance got me out of the pool. We had seen him perform before and he is always a trip to see. His history is very interesting and intriguing to me as I was very into the bands that he has worked with in the past. We are talking Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, U2, to name a few. He reminds me of a male Patti Smith and not just because he does an awesome version of Gloria!”

Read the full Escape 2 Montauk report on Rockin’ Robin’s Red Nest

“I’m not against a little darkness/I’m not against a little sin…”
BP Fallon at Escape 2 Montauk by Kaia Marie Balcos

Aaron Lee Tasjan giving it loads at Escape 2 Montauk by Rockin’ Robin’s Red Nest

Chinwag – Gitte Lill & BP Fallon at Escape 2 Montauk by Rockin’ Robin’s Red Nest

With much thanks to Rocco Gardner, Bob, Lase Salgado & Tere Fox

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BP Fallon & The Bandits – Fame #9 at SXSW 2012 filmed by The Black Shades

Writes the singer with The Black Shades, Aaron Lee Clark: “I had the pleasure of seeing a performance from BP Fallon & The Bandits – Hector Munoz (Alejandro Escovedo), Nigel Harrison (Blondie), Scott Asheton (The Stooges) and Aaron Lee Tasjan (Himself). It was the best performance I have seen all year. BP captivates an audience like no one I have ever seen. This guy is the real deal and gives me even more reason to have my ears to pass through movement of the band and latch onto lyrics”.

“What is the most valuable thing in the world?”
Fame #9 photographed by Brian Birzer

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