Two Dodgy Geezers ~ BP Fallon & Paul McLoone, Dublin Feb 2015

BP Fallon joins host Paul McLoone on the radio to co-present ‘It’s Alive’ ~ three hours of the greatest live recordings by Jimi, Dylan, Ramones, Primals, JB, Sly, the world, whoever, all on stage and in your ears on the Paul McLoone Show a week from today Thurs Feb 19th 9pm to midnight.

This live records marathon is to celebrate the release of the very vibey live album ‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’.

‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ pre-order now on iTunes only $8.99

Mr McLoone and Mr Fallon, via their FaceBook pages BP Fallon and Paul McLoone, invite you to make suggestions. Please note ~ these suggestions may not be taken up on 🙂


When not DJing, Derry-born Paul McLoone is the singer with The Undertones. He’s been fronting them splendidly for fifteen years. Dublin-born BP Fallon doesn’t DJ much these days, just special occasions like this and at friends’ parties in NY or England ~ he sings with as many amazing people as possible.

BP Fallon & Paul McLoone “It’s Alive!” Three Hours Of The Greatest Live Recordings Live On The Radio

Love You Live x

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‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ ~ front cover

We are delighted to announce the new BP Fallon album ~ ‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ is released three weeks from today on Feb 17th by Vibrosonic Records in association with San Antonio label Saustex Records (Saustex SEX 1502).

“I didn’t know it was being recorded” says BP Fallon about the new live album. “That’s maybe why it has such a great vibe”.

Three weeks today !!!


BP Fallon ~ vocals
Aaron Lee Tasjan ~ acoustic guitar/backing vocals
Danny B Harvey ~ electric guitar/backing vocals
Joe King Carrasco ~ electric guitar/backing vocals

‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ is a limited-edition CD of 700
iTunes download available shortly

Pre-order the ‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ CD here

Buy Now

Buy Now

‘BP Fallon Live In Texas’ ~ back cover

Dean Watusi writes from New York:

“Guitar ace Aaron is BP’s musical soul brother/co-songwriter in BP Fallon & The Bandits, as well as his own magnificent solo stuff. His acoustic guitar playing here is genuinely mind-boggling, sometimes gentle and tender and sometimes magnificently deranged like Neil Young on a bender, taking us to places we so rarely hear in new music. Honestly. Listen to his playing here on ‘I’m Still Legal’. Stunning.

“Wild electric guitarist Danny B Harvey plays with Wanda Jackson ~ truly and still The Queen Of Rockabilly, she still sets it on fire. And Danny’s just completed a West Coast tour with Lemmy of Motorhead, with Danny and Lemmy’s band HeadCat. And the legendary Joe King Carrasco, the crowned king of Tex-Mex music, one of the last in a line that embraces Doug Sahm and Freddie Fender and Roky Erickson and Buddy Holly as well as ? & The Mysterians and Sham The Sham, he too plays guitar here like a mother.

“And out front this Fallon fellow singing his songs in a manner of speaking, cool lyrics tongued by this sonic shamen, digging it and being dug, the foot kicking heaven-ward at the joy of it all, the pussy-pink Converse freak-flag of The Glad Hatter. Sometimes thoughtful, always upful. Just say know.

“Recorded live at ABGB in Austin, Texas in front of a crowd of well-vibey and vibed-up fans, ‘Live In Texas’ features Bandits songs, new stuff, numbers originally recorded by BP with Jack White in Nashville and with The Ghost Wolves in Bastrop in Texas ~ plus the roaring twelve-minute stomp with the three guitars a-twanging through Bandits live favourite ‘Van And Gloria’ which is more than cosmic and out there and thrilling and rocking. Like rock’n’roll is meant to be”.

Four Play ~ Joe King Carrasco & Aaron Lee Tasjan & BP Fallon & Danny B Harvey do it

The album is dedicated to Ian McLagan who sadly passed away suddenly in December. As well as being in the Small Faces/Faces/Stones/Dylan’s band, BP’s lifelong friend Mac played Hammond organ on the BP Fallon & The Bandits album ‘Still Legal’. Wish you were here, Mac, to enjoy this time with us x

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BP Fallon & Imelda May ~ What The Papers Say

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ACL Live Shot: Imelda May
Dublin rockabilly turns in a Kustom Kar set and owns the place

by Tim Stegall, The Austin Chronicle
All photography here by Nathan Edge

BP Fallon introduces Imelda May poetically at ACL, Texas

Graciously, church was in session inside the Zilker tent. A sermon preached by rock’n’roll consultant BP Fallon, ‘I Believe in Elvis Presley’ (“I believe in rockabilly and rock’n’roll”) improvised its climax: “I believe in Imelda May.” One force of nature thus made way for another.



With May’s crackerjack band setting a gravedigger groove, the Dublin-born rockabilly sensation slinked out in a form-fitting, black-striped dress, hair piled high. Her husband Darell Higham laid down fat, reverb-drenched Eddie Cochran figures from a big, orange, hollow-body guitar as the rhythm section crackled.

Meanwhile, May oozed sultry tones suggesting Wanda Jackson on a Billie Holiday bender…

Read the rest of Tim Stegall’s terrific piece in The Austin Chronicle

Imelda May2-2_1b

Imelda & her ace band on stage at ACL, Texas

After the show… the lady who “owned ACL Fest” & some geezer

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BP Fallon – I Believe In Elvis Presley – Strypes intro for their homecoming at Cavan Town Hall

Jenny McGovern reports in The Anglo Celt:
‘I believe’
“Rock‘n’Roll legend BP Fallon flew from his home in New York to introduce the Strypes, telling the crowd: ‘I believe in County Cavan/ I believe in Town Hall nights/ I believe in Josh and Ross and Pete and Evan/ I believe in The Strypes'”. Read more

BP Fallon introducing The Strypes on New Year’s Eve in College Green, Dublin. Photography by Laura Whitmore

BP Fallon & Ross Farrelly of The Strypes have a warble on ‘Van And Gloria’ at Blessings Pub in Cavan. Photography by Risa

Photograph in The Anglo Celt by Paul Reynolds

Man in blue. Photography by Risa

The Strypes rocking it in Cavan. Photography by BP Fallon

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RIP It Up With Lou Reed

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Lou Reed – Rock And Roll Heart – amazing documentary 1998 (75 mins)

Rock And Roll Heart traces Lou Reed’s career from before the formation of the Velvet Underground to rock icon status to his more recent artistic endeavors. Includes rare and vintage footage plus interviews with David Bowie, John Cale, Maureen Tucker, Patti Smith, Thurston Moore, David Byrne, Jim Carroll, Dave Stewart and Philip Glass – and even Holly Woodlawn and ‘Little’ Joe Dallesandro, the drag queen and the street hustler immortalized by Reed in ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. A superb documentary – and the only one – about this hugely influential and uncompromising American artist. Directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders for American Masters.

God bless you, Lou. And Nico and Sterling Morrison and Andy Warhol, with love & gratitude x

From the book ‘U2 Faraway So Close’ words & photography by & ©
BP Fallon (Virgin Publishing) 1993 >>>



Outside It’s Europe – Moe Tucker, Bono, Sterling Morrison, John Cale & Lou Reed. Photography by & © BP Fallon 1993

The VU & Andy Warhol in LA 1966 – Nico, Andy, Moe Tucker, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison & John Cale

The Health And Happiness Club – Lou & Nico 1965

David Bowie & Iggy Pop in T.Rex t-shirt & Lou Reed 1971. Photography by Mick Rock

Peel Slowly And RIP

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