BP Fallon remembers Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone by & © BP Fallon

Letter from America by BP Fallon: Sunday April 15th 2001
Reprinted from The Irish Times April 24th 2001

I’m sorry to have to tell you that the Mayor Of The East Village Joey Ramone died this afternoon. He died from lymphatic cancer. His mum Charlotte said he was listening to U2′s In A Little While in his room at New York Presbyterian Hospital when he died. “Just as the song finished, Joey finished,” Charlotte said. He was 49.

Only a month or so ago I saw him on his perambulations, gangling down St. Mark’s Place, this rubbery creature who towered giraffe-like above the gaggle of excited Japanese girls who formed a moving clucking mass around him as he walked. And as he walked his neck craned down to meet their smiling upturned faces, this most unlikely – and enormously likeable – apostle of cool, mane of black hair blowing this way and that, automatic hand tugging it back, those yellowy-orange prescription shades like the bottoms of milkbottles that when the light hit them in a certain way you would see those bulbous eyes that he hid from the world, these eyes still excited by the quest but equally – more? – still shy and self-effacing.

Just a pop singer…

Just the singer in the fastest, blastest, tightest, rockin’est, coolest band of their magic moments.

Just fucking Joey Ramone.

First time I saw Joey was at the Roundhouse in 1976 when the Ramones blitzkrieg bopped into London for the very first time, waving a ‘Gabba Gabba Hey!’ placard and taking no prisoners. It was the Bicentennial Fourth Of July, a fact trumpeted by these feisty young American invaders from Queens, New York. Bloody hell.

The Ramones nailed ev’ryone to the wall.

Johnny’s chainsaw guitar, legs apart, moptop flying. Dee Dee’s barked exhortations of “1,2,3,4!” Tommy attacking the drums like the bloke from Black Sabbath on Lemmy-quality speed.

And in the middle at the front at the mic stand stands the human stick insect Joey Ramone, a mess of hippy hair at British punkdom’s Damascus, the hand holding the mic drowned by this scraggly waterfall of Woodstock visual, the face virtually absent, this humanoid freak looking like a geek and singing like Adonis.

Make no mistake, Joey was a romantic.

The Ramones sound, it was like a stripped-down Phil Spector record, speeded up and the sweetening gone and the naked engine snarling, heavenly choir transformed into gutter-gaunt revving roadster, this little monster hot-rod racing, rockin’ tough and hard. Hoodlum music with a smile, delinquent teen vignettes like Teenage Lobotomy and Beat On The Brat and Cretin Hop and Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment. Gene Vincent, the punk from Norfolk, Virginia who’d scored with Be Bop A Lula twenty years earlier, even Gene Vincent couldn’t have said it better. Really, the titles say it all, fast and funny and to the point. I Wanna Be Sedated. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue. Classics…

And on top of this full-speed full-tilt amped-up electric mayhem there’s this voice of pop that when Phil Spector finally got to produce the Ramones – ‘cos he did and even if it was mad and even if it was crazy which of course it was because that’s just the way it is sometimes with ol’ Uncle Phil, well it was fated and that’s it. Anyways… down the line Phil gets to produce the Ramones and he takes this Joey voice, this perfect pop voice for today people and he melds it to Baby, I Love You and God forgive me but it’s as good as Ronnie Spector’s immaculate vocal on the Phil Spector-produced original by The Ronettes. But while Mrs. Spector had sang it with wet-lipped joy and celebration, in Joey’s reading it was as if he was pleading his love. It was beautiful.

Last time I saw Joey sing was with Ronnie Spector. Ronnie sang Don’t Worry Baby and then they did a song written by one of Joey’s peers, Johnny Thunders, a song Joey had produced for Ronnie Spector’s new EP, Johnny’s song You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory…

There on St. Mark’s Place we nodded greetings at each other.

Joey had always been one of those characters who you weren’t really sure if they actually remembered you or not, he seemed so gently affable but kinda out there at the same time.

The Boomtown Rats did a tour, their first tour of England proper, supporting Talking Heads and the headliners the Ramones, in 1977. Joey was the same then, Mr. Vagueout dreamin’ his dreams, charismatically freakish on stage and genuinely sweet to the ever-awed fans who crowded into the dressing-rooms after ev’ry show.

Then another BP charge with the unlikely name of Snips, a mate of Chris Spedding who’d sung with Ginger Baker, Snips landed the support on the latest Ramones tour. This is ’78. On the plane to Belfast I find myself sitting next to Johnny Ramone, Mike Clark Byrds hair framing a tight face. “How old are you?” I say idly (as one does…). Johnny thinks about this for a while, then ponders the question a bit more, then drifts into further cogitation. Finally, he takes in air and says, with great consideration, “Mid twenties”.

Dee Dee was another story altogether (see BP Moves Into Chelsea Hotel, Dee Dee Visits. Weird scenes from inside the goldmine vol. 69).

Anyways, when the plane gets to Belfast – this is the gig before the epochal Dublin gig at the State Cinema in Phibsboro – when the plane gets to Belfast all the Ramones, this cartoon rock’n'roll band of hair and leather jackets and ripped jeans, they scruff into a scruffy van and their manager Linda Stein, she swans into a flash limo. Ah, rock’n'roll high school…

After that Ronnie Spector gig here in New York at Life in the West Village a year and a bit ago, Arturo Vega the Ramones lighting guy from the year zero, he does all their graphics and stuff, he’s introducing me to Joey yet again,”Uh, you know BP Fallon?” “Yeah, you were on the tour we did with Snips,” Joey deadpans back drily, quick as a button and on the button too, memory sharp as an owl’s. “You used to wear a short green velvet robe, didn’t you?”

So on St Mark’s Place a few weeks back, we nod our greetings and amble on by.

I never thought I’d never see him again. God bless Joey Ramone. Gabba Gabba Hey!

- BP Fallon, East Village NYC April 15th 2001.

Local TV Coverage of the death of Joey Ramone on Easter Sunday 2001

Joey Ramone and fan at CBGB 2000 by & © BP Fallon

Ronnie Spector & Joey Ramone NYC 1999 by & © BP Fallon

Debbie Harry & Joey Ramone from Punk Magazine 1976

Just kids: Dee Dee & Joey via Phyllis Stein’s Facebook

Not kids anymore: Joey, Ronnie, Keith & Dee Dee

Joey Ramone May 19th 1951 – April 15th 2001
Dee Dee Ramone September 18th 1951 – June 5th 2002
Johnny Ramone October 8th 1948 – September 15th 2004
God Bless Da Brudders x
and Arturo Vega October 13th 1947 – June 8th 2013
Linda Stein April 24th 1945 – October 30th 2007

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BP Fallon & The Strypes for Lou
- the photographic essay by Christopher Durst

Outside The Paramount Theater in Austin…


This is for you, Lou…


Josh’s guitar solo goes wild…


“You hit me with a flower…”

This is rock’n'roll…

BP Fallon & The Strypes photocall – front left Bob Gruen, front right Clem Burke who played cowbell…

The five in the dressing room…

Life’s a gas…

Thank you Christopher Durst for your most soulful images.
We salute you sir.

Video – BP Fallon backed by The Strypes – ‘Vicious’

The fabulous performance of the Lou Reed song ‘Vicious’ with Clem Burke from Blondie/BP Fallon & The Bandits joining in on cowbell. Original version on Lou’s ‘Transformer’ LP produced by David Bowie & Mick Ronson in London 1972. Video filmed by Joshua Kerievsky at The Paramount Theater Austin Texas 2014.

And we all shine on :)

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BP Fallon & Debbie Harry at SXSW 2014 in Austin by Linda Carbone

When BP Fallon & The Strypes played the Lou Reed song ‘Vicious’ at the SXSW Lou Reed Tribute Concert in Austin, they received the first standing ovation of the evening.

Debbie Harry was in the audience and loved it.

“BP Fallon was fabulous with The Strypes, just fabulous. And his choreography – the leg in the air, I’m going to steal that! And The Strypes, those fresh young Irish boys, they’re so tight! I loved it”.

Joining BP and The Strypes on stage during the song was Debbie Harry’s bandmate Clem Burke, drummer in Blondie and BP Fallon & The Bandits.

The Strypes plus Debbie Harry & Clem Burke

Video – BP Fallon backed by The Strypes – ‘Vicious’

BP Fallon & The Strypes with Clem Burke on cowbell by Christopher Durst

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VIDEO – BP Fallon backed by The Strypes – ‘Vicious’

An insanely great tribute to Lou Reed’s song ‘Vicious’ recorded at the SXSW 2014 Official Tribute To Lou Reed – with Clem Burke from Blondie/BP Fallon & The Bandits joining in on cowbell.

Screengrab – BP Fallon & The Strypes

LA Times
SXSW 2014: Lou Reed tribute mostly rises to the challenge
by Randall Roberts, LA Times Pop Music Critic
My favorite cover, though, came early, and it featured the Irish DJ, singer and photographer BP Fallon backed by young Irish rockers The Strypes. Performing Reed’s mean-streets rocker ‘Vicious’, the singer couldn’t hit many of the notes but neither could Reed, which made it a plus. Coupled with The Strypes who traffic in solid, no frills hard rock, Fallon and band’s version had a super-potent rawness – landing in a zone that Reed helped define.

An Epic, Weird Night at SXSW for ‘One Motherf—er of a Songwriter’
by Gary Graff
The night also had its moments of weird – veteran scenester BP Fallon joining The Strypes for ‘Vicious’ and drag queen Sharon Needles crooning ‘Candy Says’.

Rolling Stone
The Strypes Bring Maximum R&B to New York
by David Fricke
The Strypes operate according to their own calendar, maps and hunger, jumping oceans and decades for their lessons and inspiration. (Extra credit: their surprise appearance at SXSW, with Irish PR legend and DJ BP Fallon, covering ‘Vicious’ at the Lou Reed tribute).

BP Fallon & The Strypes by Gary Miller

BP Fallon & Josh McClorey by Todd V Wolfson

BP Fallon & Ross Farrelly by Gary Miller

The House Band

The house band who backed many of the acts was incredible and its core members will be familiar to fans of BP Fallon & The Bandits – none other than Blondie/Bandits drummer Clem Burke, guitarist Lenny Kaye from The Patti Smith Group who’s been a Bandit at gigs in New York, Austin and Ireland’s Electric Picnic Festival plus Tony Shanahan from The Patti Smith Group on bass with Ivan Julian from Richard Hell & The Voidoids on guitar, Matt Fish on cello and Susan Voelz on violin.

Bandits rock’n'roll at Lou’s tribute – Clem Burke & BP Fallon & Lenny Kaye by Leanna Asheton

The Set List

Sweet Jane – Alejandro Escovedo and Richard Barone
Cool It Down – The Bizarros
Romeo Had Juliet – Cheetah Chrome
Femme Fatale – Cindy Lee Berryhill
Vicious – BP Fallon backed by The Strypes
Oh Sweet Nothing – Bobby Bare Jr.
I’m Waiting for My Man – Garland Jeffreys
Perfect Day – Louise Goffin
Waves of Fear – The Fauntleroys
I Love You Suzanne – Rosie Flores
Coney Island Baby – Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
Candy Says – Sharon Needles
Smalltown – Joe Dallesandro
White Light/White Heat – Escovedo and Barone
All Tomorrow’s Parties – Richard Barone with Cindy Lee Berryhill
Rock and Roll Heart – Chuck Prophet
Sally Can’t Dance – Jesse Malin
Real Good Time Together – The Fleshtones
Walk on the Wild Side – Suzanne Vega
Kill Your Sons – Wayne Kramer
Pale Blue Eyes – Lucinda Williams
Run, Run, Run – The Black Lips
Sister Ray – The Baseball Project
What Goes On – Sean Lennon
Street Hassle – Alejandro Escovedo
Satellite of Love – Spandau Ballet
I’ll Be Your Mirror – Richard Barone
Rock And Roll – All

Presented by Alejandro Escovedo and Richard Barone and their incredible team at The Paramount Theater, Austin, Texas

Two dancers taken by the spirit during ‘Rock And Roll’. The guitars are being played by Lenny Kaye and Wayne Kramer of The MC5, so it’s not surprising. Photography by Todd V Wolfson

“Ahh, my life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll”. The finale. Photography by Kim Galusha


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BP Fallon & Bob Gruen in Austin by Kate Jurkiewicz

The Band Portrait: Marketing ‘Perception’

Celebrated photographers BP Fallon, Bob Gruen, Lynn Goldsmith, Piper Ferguson plus PR maestro Ken Weinstein discuss the imagery of rock’n'roll. Moderated by ace photographer Anna Webber.

Says the SXSW site: “This year marks the 39th anniversary of the release of the Led Zeppelin album ‘Physical Graffiti’ – BP took some of the photographs of the band on the album cover and is celebrating by playing with his band at SXSW 2014 (Editors note: The Ghost Wolves do the honours) and by being on this superb panel.

“Every picture tells a story and sometimes these celebrated photographers do too. Let it rock!”

Austin Conference Centre, Room 15, 500 E Cesar Chavez St
TODAY Thurs March 13th at 2pm

See more vibey info & pix here

BP Fallon & Cara Delevingne by Bob Gruen

BP Fallon & Bob Gruen in LA by David Holmes

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BP Fallon & Ross Farrelly of The Strypes by Risa

We are excited to announce that BP Fallon will be backed by The Strypes at the Lou Reed tribute concert at SXSW in Austin, Texas. How amazing is that? The timeless High Priest Of Happiness backed by the hottest new group in the world.

Both parties are mutual fans. “I believe in BP Fallon” Strypes guitarist Josh McLorey has said on stage (see video below), another time descibing BP as “The biggest legend to ever walk”.

Fallon’s admiration of The Strypes is well known. Speaking about them to waxoholics.com, he says ” I love these guys, love their energy, love their attitude, love their work ethic. If they want it and if the angels allow, they can become the biggest group in the world. And then the floodgates for teen rock’n'roll will burst open again, fresh and refreshed and ready to shake it. Good morning! Long may we choogle..”

Curated by Richard Barone & Alejandro Escovedo, among those also appearing at the concert for Lou are Lucinda Williams, Sean Lennon, The Baseball Project with Peter Buck and Mike Mills, Black Lips, Lisa Marie Presley, Louise Goffin, The Fleshtones, Jesse Malin, Cheeta Chrome, Suzanne Vega, Wayne Kramer from The MC5 – even Spandau Ballet plus Andy Warhol superstar and Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Finger’ cover model Joe Dallesandro.

The house band is as good as it gets and its core members will be familiar to fans of BP Fallon & The Bandits – none other than Blondie/Bandits drummer Clem Burke, guitarist Lenny Kaye from The Patti Smith Group who’s been a Bandit at live gigs in New York, Austin and Ireland’s Electric Picnic Festival and Tony Shanahan on bass from The Patti Smith Group with Ivan Julian on guitar and the string section of Matt Fish on cello and Susan Voelz on violin.

Featuring the music of Lou Reed solo and as a member of The Velvet Underground, this concert will be very special and the musical link-up between BP Fallon and The Strypes will one day be one for the rock’n'roll history books.

The Concert For Lou Reed
Paramount Theater, Austin. Fri March 15 at 7.30pm

Modern Times – “see you deep on the heart of Texas”

The Strypes by Eriko Kaneko

BP Fallon/The Strypes – I Believe/Mystery Man


Still Legal!

Five live Lou Reed fans by Barbara McCarthy

“One fine mornin’, she puts on a New York station
And she couldn’t believe what she heard at all
She started dancin’ to that fine-fine-fine-fine music
Ooohhh, her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll
Hey baby, rock ‘n’ roll…”
- ‘Rock’n'Roll’ by The Velvet Underground written & sung by Lou Reed

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Poster photography by Brian Birzer. Artwork by lib-lab

We are delighted to announce BP Fallon’s shows at SXSW in Austin, on which he’ll be backed by his long-term Texas collaboraters The Ghost Wolves – the mythical Carley Ghost on guitar and Jonny Ghost on drums.

Says Jonny of BP, “He’s a rock’n'roll sage. This is special for us, a musical treat”.

Excellent eye-opening piece & very cool pix

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – Increasingly Often (roller coaster)
Filmed and mixed live at KUTX, Austin, Texas

Commercial break
‘Increasingly Often’
Original recording on the BP Fallon & The Bandits album ‘Still Legal’
Written & produced by BP Fallon/Aaron Lee Tasjan/Nigel Harrison/Clem Burke
LP-CD-digital download
End of commercial

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves by & © Honeypie Mangrove

And! SXSW Lou Reed Tribute Concert

Additionally, BP will perform at the SXSW Lou Reed Tribute Concert at the Paramount Theater in Austin alongside Sean Lennon, Alejandro Escovedo & strings, Black Lips, Lucinda Williams, Lisa Marie Presley, Suzanne Vega, Wayne Kramer from The MC5, Richard Barone – even Andy Warhol star and Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Finger’ cover model Joe Dallesandro.

The house band is incredible and its core members will be familiar to fans of BP Fallon & The Bandits – none other than Blondie/Bandits drummer Clem Burke, guitarist Lenny Kaye from The Patti Smith Group who’s been a Bandit at live gigs in New York, Austin and Ireland’s Electric Picnic Festival and Tony Shanahan on bass from Patti Smith Group with Ivan Julian on guitar, Matt Fish on cello, Susan Voelz on violin.

This will be an amazing night.

Billboard Magazine: Inside the Lou Reed Tribute at SXSW: 20-Plus Acts, All-Star House Band to Create ‘Austin Meets New York Street Vibe’

From the book ‘U2 Faraway So Close’ words & photography by & ©
BP Fallon (Virgin Publishing) 1993

‘The band’ are U2, ‘Paul’ is U2′s manager Paul McGuinness

Outside It’s Europe – Moe Tucker, Bono, Sterling Morrison RIP, John Cale & Lou Reed RIP. Photography by & © BP Fallon 1993

Velvets & Lou Reed 4ever x

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Patsy Dennehy & BP Fallon & Bob Dylan at Slane Castle 1984.
Photography by Nutan Photographic

by BP Fallon
Slane Castle, County Meath, Ireland 1984… and beyond
Written NYC July 15/16th 2003

1984 and the Orwellian seer Bob Dylan. Chinwagging with The Big Zee in his trailer before the gig, him asking you ’bout that guitar-toting buzzard Johnny Thunders who you’d introduced him to at a Link Wray show in London some six or seven years before. Dylan had been kinda startled as Johnny reached out for Bob’s wet fish handshake. Said he’d never heard of The New York Dolls, was more interested in where he could get a new coat.

Sid Vicious’ Nancy wobbled up, tits hanging out and eyes closing down. This apparition heaves itself onto Dylan’s skinny bosom, she a sloppy floppy messy deadweight bodybag of mascaraed custard landing heavily onto the poet’s ribcage unprotected by Dylan’s tatty old leather coat that he’s had for ages. Dylan winces.

“Sex!” this clinging eyeshadowed amoeba blurts out to The Voice Of A Generation who twitches like he’s stuck outside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again and as he tries to free himself of this snaily woman he shakes his shoulders, Bob Dylan the frazzle-haired and frazzled creaky old rumba dancer at the YMCA with a junkie on his back.

You explain to Bob that Sex is the clothes shop run by Vivienne Westwood and her partner, the wideboy rock’n'roll manager Malcolm McClaren. “They sell coats and stuff, bondage gear”. Bob perks up perceptively. “Rubber stuff?” he queries. “Malcolm managed the Sex Pistols” you soothe. On cue, The Voice Of Degeneration shrills out like a petulant lost baby seal. “Nance-yyy!” It’s Sid, calling out for his monkey minder and her mind-numbing medicine.

Later that night Sid asks you to be his manager. “Malcolm’s your manager” you point out. Sid had an expedient way to get out of his contract. “I’ll cut his fuckin’ throat”, chortle chortle snivel snot, wipe nose on leather jacket sleeve. At least Sid was polite enough to wipe his dribbling nose on his own leather jacket. You, you’re already managing Johnny Thunders – full-on too much JT junkie bizness, a true-blood Noo Yoik rock’n'roller as magic as Gene Vincent Meets Keef Richards, turning himself to shit with smack.

Johnny and Sid have already played live at The Speakeasy as The Living Dead. Well, Sid climbed up onto Johnny’s stage and stumbled off again. Now they want to call their group The Junkies. Things like that could do your head in. I don’t think Bob Dylan ever got his new coat. The NME had a photo of me’n'Bawb at the Link Wray gig. What can you do?


Bawb’n'BP at the Link Wray/Robert Gordon gig at The Music Machine – image from NME June 24th 1978. Photo of Dylan/Fallon by Sarah Wyld.

So now we’re back at Slane watching Paul Brady honoured to show this gnarled lizard how to play The Lakes Of Ponchatrain in this crappy trailer by the banks of the Boyne. Bob does just fine, fumbles and mumbles and shy ‘Aw shucks’ cowpoke grin as his long fingernails scratch at an acoustic guitar.

BPFallonBobDylan Now Bob is out in the sunlight by the Boyne’s dancing waters, fondly recalling Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem and Liam’s brothers and the friendship they’d bestowed on him when he first arrived in New York, the huge influence they’d had on him, eulogising The Clancy Brothers as film cameras capture the bashful bard paying tribute to his back pages. The filming, it’s for a Clancy Brothers documentary.

And now you’re standing on the side of the stage with Patsy watching Bob Dylan and his band rockin’ out like electric methedrine with lumps in it and there’s Bono and Ali taking it all in too.

Van Morrison shuffles up to where we’re standing, picks up an acoustic guitar, puts it down, looks grumpy. You look at Bono and he looks at you and the vibe is ‘Aw, fuck, doesn’t look like Van will sing with Dylan now’. But of course Van does, the ornery bastard, goes on and has Dylan singing with him on Van’s own Tupelo Honey, the two voices clashing and meshing and dancing around each other like refreshed lovers probing. The Goat On The Barbed Wire Fence and The Mighty Lion’s Roar are now singing Bob’s It’s All Over Now Baby Blue together and untogether and it’s poetry emotion.

“Take what you have gathered from coincidence…” You know a couple of guys in Dylan’s combo. That’s why you and your girl are here at Slane in such an exulted viewpoint. You trip over a wire causing the PA to stab out a sharp metallic crackle and Dylan jumps back from his mic all shook up and you put on your best ‘What, me?’ face and hide behind Patsy.

There’s Mick Taylor from The Stones twanging majestically, his guitar like liquid mercury. And over there, the keyboards swirl from the fingers of another dear chum from the rock’n'roll daze, this lovely grinning diamond Ian MacLagan, he from The Small Faces/Faces/Stones and more. He wrote about this special day and this night-until-dawn in his book All The Rage, Mac did, this very last night of this European tour.

Ah, yes. Maybe it’s odd but you feel proud of these guys as they play behind Bob Dylan. It’s very warming. Many rivers to cross and they’ve burnt a few bridges, come out from the storm to find the blessed chalice now sometimes free from harm. Instant calmer’s gonna get you. And His Master’s Voice, it’s wheezy and raspy and magic and sinewy like a snake from the Book Of Isiah, curling around Van’s magnificent full-chested roar of redemption. “She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey” indeed. Perfect.

-by & © BP Fallon 2003

Van Morrison & Bob Dylan at Slane Castle 1984 by Sean Hennessy

Bob Dylan & Patsy Dennehy & BP Fallon at Slane Castle 1984
by Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman

BP Fallon & Johnny Thunders at The New Inn, Dublin April 1990
by Paul Murphy

“Thunder on the mountain and there’s fires on the moon
A ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soon
Today’s the day where I’m gonna grab my trombone and blow
Well, there’s hot stuff here and it’s everywhere I go…”
-Bob Dylan, Thunder On The Mountain

:) In loving memory of Johnny Thunders and of Kevin Dunne who loved Bob and of all who sail ahead of us x

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Johnny Thunders – Looking For Johnny

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‘Looking For Johnny’ – The Legend Of Johnny Thunders

Marky Ramone – Ramones
Sylvain Sylvain – New York Dolls
Lenny Kaye – The Patti Smith Group
Alan Vega – Suicide
Walter Lure – The Heartbreakers
Peter Perret – The Only Ones
John Perry – The Only Ones
Rick Rivits – member of band that became The New York Dolls
Frank Infante – Blondie
Marty Thau – New York Dolls manager
BP Fallon – manager of solo ‘So Alone’ Johnny Thunders
Leee Black Childers – manager of Johnny in The Heartbreakers
Bob Gruen – photographer/creator of Dolls movie ‘All Dolled Up’
Nina Antonia – Johnny’s biographer with ‘In Cold Blood’
Sammy Yaffa – Hanoi Rocks/played with Johnny & Jerry Nolan/was member of reformed Dolls
Terry Chimes – The Clash/Johnny’s band

Produced by Phyllis Stein/Patrick Grandperret/Jiff Wilson/Johnny Black/Tomoko Keats/Stephanie Rachel

Written & directed by Danny Garcia

Johnny Thunders – Alone In A Crowd

Music video of ‘Alone In A Crowd’
Taken from the forthcoming Johnny Thunders documentary ‘Looking For Johnny’ (2014)










BP Fallon & Johnny Thunders in Dublin 1990 by Paul Murphy



































God bless Johnny Thunders
July 15th 1952 – April 23th 1991
Rest in peace, Johnny. Love you x

Salute him when his birthday comes – the tale of Bob Dylan & Johnny Thunders & Sid Vicious & Van

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Happy 70th Birthday, Jimmy Page!

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James Patrick Page & Bernard Patrick Fallon, West Hollywood 1973

Interviewer: “Is it true Jimmy Page did magic with virgins at midnight?”
BP Fallon: “No. There weren’t any”.

Jimmy Page, Dublin 1999 by & © BP Fallon


This NBC Nightly News report of July 31st 1973 suggests that there is a link between organised crime and the US record business, mentioning drug dealing, payola, mob connections and high living – and then reports on Led Zeppelin with rare film of the band and friends on their private plane Starship.

“The Shah Of Iran? No. J Paul Getty? No. The occupants of these limousines don’t rule countries, don’t make oil deals, they don’t even make million-dollar movies – but they live as if they did all of those things. In their 20s, they are rich, powerful, temperamental and pampered. They are The (sic) Led Zeppelin.

“To get around, Zeppelin uses a chartered 707 – the kind of plane President Nixon uses. The President’s plane doesn’t have an organ nor a fifteen-foot mirrored bar nor in the private quarters does it have two bedrooms and a fireplace. Nor does The President travel with an entourage that looks like this…”

Screengrab ~ The Media Guru on Led Zeppelin’s plane Starship 1973

Led Zeppelin ~ Traveling Riverside Blues


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