Marc Bolan & BP Fallon London 1970. Photography by Barrie Wentzell

Marc Bolan died 37 years ago today. He was 29 years of age and rocking.
Marc Bolan September 30th 1947 – September 16th 1977











-BP Fallon x

First published Sept 16 2012

Marc Bolan & T.Rex with BP Fallon – left – on congas and backing vocals – ‘Hot Love’, Germany 1971

BP Fallon & T.Rex 1971
BP Fallon & T.Rex – Marc Bolan & Mickey Finn & Bill Legend & Steve Currie – Milan 1971. Marc, Mickey and Steve RIP. This image found via Facebook by Karen Bond.

BP Fallon & Mickey Finn & Marc Bolan get their Ottos in Munich 1972

BP Fallon & Marc Bolan during the recording of ‘The Slider’ at Chateau D’Herouville France 1972. Photography by Record Mirror

BP Fallon & Jeff Dexter & Marc Bolan & Boomtown Rats Johnnie Fingers & Bob Geldof outside the ‘Marc’ tv studios Manchester 1977. Photography by Kevin Cummins

T.Rex Hot Love screengrabs: BP Fallon & Marc Bolan
on the German TV show Hits A Go Go 1971

God bless you, Marc. Your boogie continues…
And God bless Mickey Finn and Steve Currie too.

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BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves release the provocative new single ‘I’m Still Legal (Crazy Crazy)’ via iTunes & CD Baby.


I’m still legal
I’m over 21
To have a drink in ATX
Or go and buy a gun

I’m still legal
Not over having fun
To have a joint in Colorado
Or go and by a gun
It’s crazy crazy
It’s crazy crazy

Protect yourself
Defend yourself
Buy a gun for freedom
Gun Control
Do we really need them?
Yes we do
It’s crazy crazy (crazy crazy, crazy crazy)
It’s crazy crazy (crazy crazy, crazy crazy)
This gun madness never ceases to amaze me
Crazy crazy

I’m still legal
I’m over 21
And I’ve the right to arm myself
And go and buy a gun

I’m still legal
Not over having fun
To have a joint in Washington State
Or go and by a gun
It’s crazy crazy (crazy crazy, crazy crazy)
It’s crazy crazy (crazy crazy, crazy crazy)
This gun madness never ceases to amaze me
Crazy crazy (crazy crazy, crazy crazy)
Crazy crazy

Words by BP Fallon
Music by BP Fallon/The Ghost Wolves

BP Fallon ~ vocals
Carley Wolf ~ guitar & backing vocals
Jonny Wolf ~ drums
Nigel Harrison ~ bass guitar

Just another truckstop in America. Photography by BP Fallon

‘I’m Still Legal’ ~
Produced by BP Fallon & Jonas Wilson at Jukebox Studio, Bastrop, Texas
Engineered by Jonas Wilson
Mixed & mastered by Stephen Ceresia at Sunday House Studio, Bastrop

Photography by Brian Birzer in Austin, Texas
Design by Barney at lib-lab in Dublin, Ireland & Dean Watusi NYC
Vibrosonic logo by Steve Rapid in Dublin

Vibrosonic Records VBR 002

Says BP “I wrote the song in response to those sickos shooting up schools and cinemas and barracks. The situation is out of hand and sadly it’s going to happen again”.

‘I’m Still Legal’ is primal caveman rock bluespower ~ John Lee Hooker of the 21st Century ~ with The Viscount Of Verbal intoning against “this gun madness” while having a legal joint in Colorado and Washington State. “It’s crazy, crazy” indeed.

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves play at Ireland’s Electric Picnic Aug 29/30/31. Day tba.

Says the Electric Picnic site ~
“Eclectic, Electric Picnic veteran BP Fallon will once again lure festival goers with his ‘Musical Witch Doctor’ presence this year. BP will fuse with the exuberant musical excellence of Texas duo The Ghost Wolves on their first performance outside the States. With the release of ‘I’m Still Legal’, punters will no doubt flock in their droves to witness this old school bluesy, below-the-belt guitar, primal drums and righteous lyrical collaboration, “it’s crazy, crazy” uber-cool!


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BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves ~ Carley Wolf below-the-belt guitar & BPF vocals & Jonny Wolf primal drums. Photography by Rafael Rodriguez

We are delighted to announce that BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves will be playing at Electric Picnic.

Ireland’s Electric Picnic Music And Arts Festival is one of the most prestigious music events in the world. The three-day festival takes place on the weekend of August 29/30/31 at the beautiful Stradbally Estate in County Laois ~ about an hour away from Dublin.

Also playing are Portishead, Outcast, Beck, Foals, Pet Shop Boys, Paulo Nutini, Blondie, Chic featuring Nile Rogers, Sinead O’Connor, Lily Allen, Mogwai, St Vincent, James Murphy, Flume, Clean Bandit, Nenah Cherry, London Grammar, The Horrors, The Wailers, White Denim and a cast of hundreds more.

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves double-A-side 45 ~ ‘Black Crow’ b/w ‘Getchya Your Hip Thrust’

This will be the first time that BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves play outside of the US. One of the hits of Austin’s SXSW festival this year, they will fly in from their base in Austin where they will be recording. They have already released the double-A-sided US-only limited-edition 45 ‘Black Crow’ b/w ‘Getchya Your Hip Thrust’ (Pau Wau Records) while The Ghost Wolves debut album ‘Man, Woman, Beast’ (Plowboy Records) is receiving rave reviews.

The Ghost Wolves ~ Man, Woman, Beast’ album cover. Photo by Stephen Ceresia

LouderThanWar says “Think primal blues, think glam rock sleaze and think punk rock attitude. Carley fronts the band with her fucked up guitar destruction and at times plays a one string weapon that sounds like the impending apocalypse. Jonathan beats the living crap out of an already beat up drum kit and they both sing, howl and have a splendid old time”. Read more here

Says BP Fallon of his collaboration with The Ghost Wolves “Carley and Jonny are the coolest. I feel very honoured to have them backing me”.

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves let it rock! Photography by Mike Thompson

Says Jonny Wolf to DeadWeather Denver at Waxoholics about playing with the legendary BP Fallon “”Oh, well BP is just a hell of a guy first off – I mean first you have his history, which is very deep and deserving of respect – but we’re really interested in what he’s doing moving forward. As in, here’s this older guy, he’s worked in and around music all his life, with some real luminaries, but never actually played, and just now he decides it’s time to start a rock’n'roll band. How many people at that age can say that?

“He has a really unique perspective – I like to think of him like a shaman or a musical witch doctor or something and he brings that to his show and people love that”.

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – ‘Increasingly Often (roller coaster)’
Filmed and mixed live at KUTX, Austin, Texas

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves ~ ‘Fame #9 (excerpt)’/'I Believe In Elvis Presley’ live at Hole In The Wall, Austin, Texas

Electric Picnic, Ireland August 29th – 31st 2014

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Cara Delevingne ~ Timeless

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Playhouse Presents: Timeless starring Cara Delevingne (trailer)

Cara Delevingne – the coolest young model on the planet, sometime added vocals with BP Fallon & The Bandits and general all-round briliant viber – makes her UK TV acting debut tonight in Timeless, which follows the moving story of Chloe (played by Cara) and her great-grandmother Alice (played by Sylvia Syms). Chloe, whose soldier fiance has recently been posted in Afghanistan, thinks her world has been torn apart when a military officer arrives on their doorstep with news of a death…

Timeless ~ Sky Arts 1 9pm tonight June 19th 2014

Playhouse Presents: Timeless ~ Cara Delevingne & Sylvia Syms interview

BP Fallon & The Bandits ~ Cara Delivingne & BPF. Photography by & © Brian Birzer

More Banditry. Photography by & © Brian Birzer

Bandits stage invasion. Photography by & © Jonathan Garza

BP Fallon & The Bandits SXSW 2013 promo with BP Fallon, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Nigel Harrison, Clem Burke & Cara Delevingne. Edited by Miguel Angel

And! One of our fave early rock’n'roll films and much loved too by early Rolling Stones enfant terrible manager Andrew Loog Oldham – set in Soho’s rock’n'roll dives and strip clubs – with Sylvia Syms playing Maise, the stripper girlfriend of Johnny Jackson (Laurence Harvey), manager of Bongo Herbert (an untamed Cliff Richard):

Expresso Bongo (1959) ~ excerpt with Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Laurence Harvey & Sylvia Syms

BP Fallon & The Bandits 2012 with Joe King Carrasco ~ Hector Muñoz & Nigel Harrison & Cara Delevingne & Aaron Lee Tasjan & the great Stooges drummer Scott Asheton, bless him ~ with out front JKC & BPF. Photography by & © Bob Gruen

Cara & BP having a choogle (as one does). Freezeframe by Jonathan Garza

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The little old lady & Gyl Owen-Corrigan & Robert Plant & BP Fallon in the lobby of The Drake Hotel New York July 24th 1973 by & © Bob Gruen

To mark the triumphant remastered re-release of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums with added tracks – Led Zeppelin I, II and III are in the British Top 10 – we present this unseen photograph by Bob Gruen taken in the lobby of The Drake Hotel in New York. BP Fallon takes up the story:

“I was at Bob Gruen’s incredible ‘Rock Seen’ photo exhibition in New York this April and as part of his exhibition Bob was displaying blown-up contact sheets from which the photographs came. There was the contact sheet that had Bob’s famous shot of Zeppelin standing by their airplane ‘Starship’ and as I looked at this dark little image on the contact sheet I said ‘Look, there’s me!’

“It was Led Zeppelin on tour in 1973 and we were gathered in the lobby of The Drake Hotel in New York waiting for the limos to take us to the plane to fly us to Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. And this rich old dear who lived at The Drake was berating Robert and grabbing his hair – ‘Why d’you have to have your hair long like that? Why can’t you look like a real man?’ Robert was very sweet to her, all peace and love”.

Commented Bob Gruen to BP nearly 41 years later: “You have a pretty good memory to remember what she was saying.”

So for your added delectation we’re showing Zeppelin’s ‘Traveling Riverside Blues’ video which flashes on this Drake lobby scene – plus some freezeframes from the video that capture this Old Money New York Lady Vs Led Zeppelin scenario.

And yes, The Drake Hotel is where over $200,000 of Led Zeppelin’s money went missing a few days later – but that’s another story.

Led Zeppelin – Traveling Riverside Blues freezeframes

Led Zeppelin – Traveling Riverside Blues (Official Video)

Led Zeppelin – Traveling Riverside Blues freezeframe

Jimmy Page & BP Fallon on Led Zeppelin’s plane Starship
by & © Bob Gruen

Robert Johnson – Traveling Riverside Blues (speed corrected, as it really sounded))

And if you’ve got 73 minutes, this is a wild and mysterious tale:

The Crossroads Legend – Search For Robert Johnson – full movie 1.13

That brilliant iconographic image ~ Led Zeppelin and their private plane Starship by & © Bob Gruen

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BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – BPF vocals & Carley Wolf below-the-belt guitar & Jonny Wolf primal drums. Photography by & © Vanessa Smith

We’re reflecting on the amazing gigs that BP Fallon has been enjoying with his long-term collaborators from Texas, The Ghost Wolves

Their latest round of rocking embraced SXSW in Austin where they played six wild shows.


In the latest Waxoholics, Johnny Wolf is interviewed by DeadWeather Denver:
You’ve worked with BP Fallon, most recently on his 2014 SXSW showcases. What has playing with him been like?

“Oh, well BP is just a hell of a guy first off – I mean first you have his history, which is very deep and deserving of respect – but we’re really interested in what he’s doing moving forward. As in, here’s this older guy, he’s worked in and around music all his life, with some real luminaries, but never actually played, and just now he decides it’s time to start a rock’n'roll band. How many people at that age can say that?

“He has a really unique perspective – I like to think of him like a shaman or a musical witch doctor or something, and he brings that to his show, and I think people love that. I’m a big fan of his spoken word vibes. He’s very creative. It’s been a really interesting trip to do some music with him. We don’t typically let anyone else into our world, it’s not easy, but he came into it with a lot of grace and we enjoyed it a lot”.

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves casting spells. Photography by & © Bob Gruen

In BP Fallon’s excellent wide-roaming pre-SXSW interview with DeadWeather Denver in Waxoholics, the singer notes “Maximum namedrop moment: John Lennon, bless him, told me ‘The Plastic Ono Band is Everyone’ and thus I too became a member, appearing in John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band twice on television, once banging a tambourine and another time pretending to play bass guitar.

“Now I wouldn’t dream of comparing our combo to him but yes, everyone is in BP Fallon & The Bandits and also we don’t believe in segregation between ourselves and the audience, we’re all in this together.

“Like I mentioned, Lenny Kaye has been a Bandit in Austin and in New York and in Ireland. Sean Lennon has drummed with us, Cara Delevingne has sung backing vocals. And last year at SXSW, Clem and Nigel and Aaron and I, us Bandits, at our live gigs we were joined on stage by Scott Asheton the drummer from The Stooges and Barrie Cadogan who plays guitar in Primal Scream.

“This year at SXSW Clem will be playing with Blondie and their schedule is very tight – so BP Fallon & The Bandits will be BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves who are Carley on guitar and Jonny on drums and they’re incredible. Carley, well… she’s incredibly sexy, almost feral, and Jonny’s the coolest…”

Carley & BP & Jonny photographed by © Brian Birzer

And Oliver Gray reports
“I absolutely adored the amazingly resilient BP Fallon, intoning poems rather than singing and backed by an amazing Austin electric duo called The Ghost Wolves. Things like this you do not experience every day, and it feels such a privilege”.

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – Increasingly Often (roller coaster)
Filmed and mixed live at KUTX, Austin, Texas

Commercial break
‘Increasingly Often’
Original recording on the BP Fallon & The Bandits album ‘Still Legal’
Written & produced by BP Fallon/Aaron Lee Tasjan/Nigel Harrison/Clem Burke at Red Horse Ranch, Austin, Texas
LP-CD-digital download
End of commercial :)

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves in full flight. Photography by & © Honeypie Mangrove

With thanks to Kim Galusha, Kay Gourley, Jimmy & Harper Quill at Red Horse Ranch Studio, Jeff Smith & Saustex Records, Weston McGowen, David L Thomson III, Alejandro Escovedo & Mike Thompson, Brian Birzer & Tracy & Mike, Vanessa Smith, Bob Gruen & Elizabeth Gregory. Have merci, y’all !!!

For more The Continuing Adventure Of BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – stay tuned!!! :)

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On the 23rd anniversary of the death of the great Johnny Thunders, we present this reflective and moving piece by his former manager BP Fallon. From the book ‘My Generation: Rock’n'Roll, An Imperfect History’ (Lilliput Press 1996).

Johnny Thunders in Dublin 1990 by & © BP Fallon

by BP Fallon 1996

The New York Dolls, particularly their gutter peacock guitarist Johnny Thunders, they were gods to the whole of 1976 punk, and The Sex Pistols, The Clash, they carved themselves from the shadows of Iggy And The Stooges, Lou Reed and The Velvets, Bolan and Bowie and The MC5 and a boy called Johnny.

You meet Johnny in 1972 in the after midnight of a dentist’s surgery in Harlem. He’s a flash peacock in rags of glitter, platform boots and a jet-black plumage of shoulder-length backcombed hair as if a buzzard has been nesting on his head. On-stage upstairs at Max’s his streetwise Italian face pouts as he poses, a cross between Keef Richard and an urban subterranean gutter glam outlaw. A punk. Plus of course Johnny plays the bestest, most exciting, powerful vicious guitar in town.

Come ’76 The Dolls have collapsed in a storm of too much drink and too many drugs, rejected at large for their Neanderthal rock’n'roll, and Johnny is in England fronting The Heartbreakers, he and The Dolls’ second drummer Jerry Nolan. The first, Billy Murcia, he accidently OD’d on Mandrax. Johnny and Jerry, they’re junkies and they celebrate their stupidity with songs like ‘Chinese Rocks’ and ‘Too Much Junkie Bizness’. The Heartbreakers collapse.

At a party for Patti Smith, Johnny Thunders asks you to be his manager. Listen, heroin is the horrors, the darkest of darknesses, a hole into which junkies pour their very life. If you wanted an ad against heroin, Johnny Thunders was it to a T. A rock’n'roll genius turned into shambolic mess. We managed some gigs at The Speakeasy, Steve Jones and Paul Cook from The Sex Pistols playing with their hero. Sid Vicious got up once. He idolized Johnny and wanted to form a group with him called The Junkies. One gig was billed as ‘The Living Dead’.

In interviews, Johnny has kindly said that I was responsible for putting together his best LP, the album ‘So Alone’. Loyal musicians who lent their support came from The Sex Pistols, The Only Ones, The Heartbreakers, even Traffic. Chrissie Hynde sang backing vocals. On the storming version of Derek Martin’s R&B classic ‘Daddy Rolling Stone’, first Johnny, then Phil Lynott, then Steve Marriott sing a verse. Phil, he was concerned at Johnny’s health. “He’s too out of it, knowarramean?” And then there was Johnny’s most beautiful, sensitive tragic song. It was titled ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory’ but Johnny, he always sang it “You can’t put your arm around a memory”. Christ, Johnny.

BP Fallon & Johnny Thunders 1990 by Paul Murphy

Sunday afternoon at the tail-end of April 1990 and Johnny is over at your house. He’s been in Ireland a week or so and the previous night appeared in Dublin at the New Inn. Naturally, it was chaotic. And sad. And brilliant sometimes, like when Johnny’s into a rambling blues and he’s saying “And there’s you kids, the reason, the reason why. I tell ya, if it wasn’t for the kids!” and the guitar, it cries, a flurry of notes weeping the blues. Johnny is playing his heart out.

Sunday afternoon, sunny, we sit here and play records and talk and Johnny plays a tape of some new stuff he’s recorded.

Heroin? Naw, he’s just on methadone now he says, gets it on prescription. Doesn’t do heroin, no not never. Well… hardly ever.

He’s hoping for a record deal somewhere. His wife Julie is back in Michigan with the kids, has been for years. He’d been living with his girlfriend Susanne in Sweden but that … well, that isn’t happening either.

And then you put on The Shangri-La’s song ‘Give Him a Great Big Kiss’ from Johnny’s So Alone album and Patti Palladin, her voice all Noo York sass like all of The Ronettes chewing gum, she teases “Well I hear she’s pretty bad” and Johnny, he responds “Well she’s good bad but she’s not evil”, and sitting here now Johnny’s lived-in face, the mouth grins lopsidedly and there’s a twinkle from under the drooping eyelids and for a moment he looks so happy and so vulnerable, the wounded artist touching the sunlight for a moment and you understand again why you love him.

Johnny’s leaving now, leaving for the airport. He has no home, no number. Says maybe he’ll go to New York after he’s played in London, maybe go back to Paris. Says he’d like maybe to live in New Orleans.

Johnny gathers his plastic bag of medications and in the street we hug. Once, he’d had a muscled torso like Iggy. Now underneath his pinstriped suit he seems suddenly frail. This battered artist who sings from the slums of his soul is on the home run.

Six days short of a year later, Johnny Thunders is in New Orleans. He’s just done a tour of Japan. Two days ago he’s recorded with the group Die Toten Hosen, recorded his Heartbreakers favourite ‘Born To Lose’. He’s thirty-eight years old. And he’s dead. The police find vials of methadone, and in the toilet a syringe. The coroner’s report says the cause of death may have been drug-related.

Bye bye Johnny.

- BP Fallon 1996

Johnny Thunders July 15th 1952 – April 23rd 1991
Billy Murcia October 9th 1951 – November 6th 1972
Jerry Nolan May 7th 1946 – January 14th 1992
Arthur Kane February 3rd 1949 – July 13th 2004
Chris Wood June 24th 1944 – July 12th 1983
Phil Lynott August 20th 1949 – January 4th 1986
Steve Marriott January 30th 1947 – April 20th 1991
John ‘Irish’ Earle 1944 – May 8th 2008

The new movie ‘Looking For Johnny’

‘Looking For Johnny’ – The Legend Of Johnny Thunders

Marky Ramone – Ramones
Sylvain Sylvain – New York Dolls
Lenny Kaye – The Patti Smith Group
Alan Vega – Suicide
Walter Lure – The Heartbreakers
Peter Perret – The Only Ones
John Perry – The Only Ones
Rick Rivits – member of band that became The New York Dolls
Frank Infante – Blondie
Marty Thau RIP – New York Dolls manager
BP Fallon – manager of solo ‘So Alone’ Johnny Thunders
Leee Black Childers RIP – manager of Johnny in The Heartbreakers
Bob Gruen – photographer/creator of Dolls movie ‘All Dolled Up’
Nina Antonia – Johnny’s biographer with ‘In Cold Blood’
Sammy Yaffa – Hanoi Rocks/played with Johnny & Jerry Nolan/was member of reformed Dolls
Terry Chimes – The Clash/Johnny’s band

Produced by Phyllis Stein/Patrick Grandperret/Jiff Wilson/Johnny Black/Tomoko Keats/Stephanie Rachel

Written & directed by Danny Garcia

Johnny Thunders – Alone In A Crowd
Taken from the new Johnny Thunders documentary ‘Looking For Johnny’ (2014)

‘Looking For Johnny’
- promo screenings and film festivals, more dates will be added asap:


Check with cinemas/ festivals’ websites for screening times. And keep an eye on the ‘Looking For Johnny’ page on FB


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BP Fallon remembers Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone by & © BP Fallon

Letter from America by BP Fallon: Sunday April 15th 2001
Reprinted from The Irish Times April 24th 2001

I’m sorry to have to tell you that the Mayor Of The East Village Joey Ramone died this afternoon. He died from lymphatic cancer. His mum Charlotte said he was listening to U2′s In A Little While in his room at New York Presbyterian Hospital when he died. “Just as the song finished, Joey finished,” Charlotte said. He was 49.

Only a month or so ago I saw him on his perambulations, gangling down St. Mark’s Place, this rubbery creature who towered giraffe-like above the gaggle of excited Japanese girls who formed a moving clucking mass around him as he walked. And as he walked his neck craned down to meet their smiling upturned faces, this most unlikely – and enormously likeable – apostle of cool, mane of black hair blowing this way and that, automatic hand tugging it back, those yellowy-orange prescription shades like the bottoms of milkbottles that when the light hit them in a certain way you would see those bulbous eyes that he hid from the world, these eyes still excited by the quest but equally – more? – still shy and self-effacing.

Just a pop singer…

Just the singer in the fastest, blastest, tightest, rockin’est, coolest band of their magic moments.

Just fucking Joey Ramone.

First time I saw Joey was at the Roundhouse in 1976 when the Ramones blitzkrieg bopped into London for the very first time, waving a ‘Gabba Gabba Hey!’ placard and taking no prisoners. It was the Bicentennial Fourth Of July, a fact trumpeted by these feisty young American invaders from Queens, New York. Bloody hell.

The Ramones nailed ev’ryone to the wall.

Johnny’s chainsaw guitar, legs apart, moptop flying. Dee Dee’s barked exhortations of “1,2,3,4!” Tommy attacking the drums like the bloke from Black Sabbath on Lemmy-quality speed.

And in the middle at the front at the mic stand stands the human stick insect Joey Ramone, a mess of hippy hair at British punkdom’s Damascus, the hand holding the mic drowned by this scraggly waterfall of Woodstock visual, the face virtually absent, this humanoid freak looking like a geek and singing like Adonis.

Make no mistake, Joey was a romantic.

The Ramones sound, it was like a stripped-down Phil Spector record, speeded up and the sweetening gone and the naked engine snarling, heavenly choir transformed into gutter-gaunt revving roadster, this little monster hot-rod racing, rockin’ tough and hard. Hoodlum music with a smile, delinquent teen vignettes like Teenage Lobotomy and Beat On The Brat and Cretin Hop and Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment. Gene Vincent, the punk from Norfolk, Virginia who’d scored with Be Bop A Lula twenty years earlier, even Gene Vincent couldn’t have said it better. Really, the titles say it all, fast and funny and to the point. I Wanna Be Sedated. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue. Classics…

And on top of this full-speed full-tilt amped-up electric mayhem there’s this voice of pop that when Phil Spector finally got to produce the Ramones – ‘cos he did and even if it was mad and even if it was crazy which of course it was because that’s just the way it is sometimes with ol’ Uncle Phil, well it was fated and that’s it. Anyways… down the line Phil gets to produce the Ramones and he takes this Joey voice, this perfect pop voice for today people and he melds it to Baby, I Love You and God forgive me but it’s as good as Ronnie Spector’s immaculate vocal on the Phil Spector-produced original by The Ronettes. But while Mrs. Spector had sang it with wet-lipped joy and celebration, in Joey’s reading it was as if he was pleading his love. It was beautiful.

Last time I saw Joey sing was with Ronnie Spector. Ronnie sang Don’t Worry Baby and then they did a song written by one of Joey’s peers, Johnny Thunders, a song Joey had produced for Ronnie Spector’s new EP, Johnny’s song You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory…

There on St. Mark’s Place we nodded greetings at each other.

Joey had always been one of those characters who you weren’t really sure if they actually remembered you or not, he seemed so gently affable but kinda out there at the same time.

The Boomtown Rats did a tour, their first tour of England proper, supporting Talking Heads and the headliners the Ramones, in 1977. Joey was the same then, Mr. Vagueout dreamin’ his dreams, charismatically freakish on stage and genuinely sweet to the ever-awed fans who crowded into the dressing-rooms after ev’ry show.

Then another BP charge with the unlikely name of Snips, a mate of Chris Spedding who’d sung with Ginger Baker, Snips landed the support on the latest Ramones tour. This is ’78. On the plane to Belfast I find myself sitting next to Johnny Ramone, Mike Clark Byrds hair framing a tight face. “How old are you?” I say idly (as one does…). Johnny thinks about this for a while, then ponders the question a bit more, then drifts into further cogitation. Finally, he takes in air and says, with great consideration, “Mid twenties”.

Dee Dee was another story altogether (see BP Moves Into Chelsea Hotel, Dee Dee Visits. Weird scenes from inside the goldmine vol. 69).

Anyways, when the plane gets to Belfast – this is the gig before the epochal Dublin gig at the State Cinema in Phibsboro – when the plane gets to Belfast all the Ramones, this cartoon rock’n'roll band of hair and leather jackets and ripped jeans, they scruff into a scruffy van and their manager Linda Stein, she swans into a flash limo. Ah, rock’n'roll high school…

After that Ronnie Spector gig here in New York at Life in the West Village a year and a bit ago, Arturo Vega the Ramones lighting guy from the year zero, he does all their graphics and stuff, he’s introducing me to Joey yet again,”Uh, you know BP Fallon?” “Yeah, you were on the tour we did with Snips,” Joey deadpans back drily, quick as a button and on the button too, memory sharp as an owl’s. “You used to wear a short green velvet robe, didn’t you?”

So on St Mark’s Place a few weeks back, we nod our greetings and amble on by.

I never thought I’d never see him again. God bless Joey Ramone. Gabba Gabba Hey!

- BP Fallon, East Village NYC April 15th 2001.

Local TV Coverage of the death of Joey Ramone on Easter Sunday 2001

Joey Ramone and fan at CBGB 2000 by & © BP Fallon

Ronnie Spector & Joey Ramone NYC 1999 by & © BP Fallon

Debbie Harry & Joey Ramone from Punk Magazine 1976

Just kids: Dee Dee & Joey via Phyllis Stein’s Facebook

Not kids anymore: Joey, Ronnie, Keith & Dee Dee

Joey Ramone May 19th 1951 – April 15th 2001
Dee Dee Ramone September 18th 1951 – June 5th 2002
Johnny Ramone October 8th 1948 – September 15th 2004
God Bless Da Brudders x
and Arturo Vega October 13th 1947 – June 8th 2013
Linda Stein April 24th 1945 – October 30th 2007

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BP Fallon & The Strypes for Lou
- the photographic essay by Christopher Durst

Outside The Paramount Theater in Austin…


This is for you, Lou…


Josh’s guitar solo goes wild…


“You hit me with a flower…”

This is rock’n'roll…

BP Fallon & The Strypes photocall – front left Bob Gruen, front right Clem Burke who played cowbell…

The five in the dressing room…

Life’s a gas…

Thank you Christopher Durst for your most soulful images.
We salute you sir.

Video – BP Fallon backed by The Strypes – ‘Vicious’

The fabulous performance of the Lou Reed song ‘Vicious’ with Clem Burke from Blondie/BP Fallon & The Bandits joining in on cowbell. Original version on Lou’s ‘Transformer’ LP produced by David Bowie & Mick Ronson in London 1972. Video filmed by Joshua Kerievsky at The Paramount Theater Austin Texas 2014.

And we all shine on :)

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BP Fallon & Debbie Harry at SXSW 2014 in Austin by Linda Carbone

When BP Fallon & The Strypes played the Lou Reed song ‘Vicious’ at the SXSW Lou Reed Tribute Concert in Austin, they received the first standing ovation of the evening.

Debbie Harry was in the audience and loved it.

“BP Fallon was fabulous with The Strypes, just fabulous. And his choreography – the leg in the air, I’m going to steal that! And The Strypes, those fresh young Irish boys, they’re so tight! I loved it”.

Joining BP and The Strypes on stage during the song was Debbie Harry’s bandmate Clem Burke, drummer in Blondie and BP Fallon & The Bandits.

The Strypes plus Debbie Harry & Clem Burke

Video – BP Fallon backed by The Strypes – ‘Vicious’

BP Fallon & The Strypes with Clem Burke on cowbell by Christopher Durst

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