The Robert Plant & Twang Wang Dang Doodle

Working with Led Zeppelin was very hard work #3
BP Fallon & Sable Starr swap clothes (as one does)…
Photography by & © Roy Harper

00:00 Robert Plant & BP Fallon do the intro rabbit
00:15 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The Blind Boys Of Alabama
00:28 Robert Plant & BP Fallon on nubiles & other silly stories
02:29 Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Blind Willie Johnson
05:38 Getchya Hip Thrust – The Ghost Wolves
08:58 Black Crow – The Ghost Wolves & BP Fallon
12:41 Cause And Effect (Fucking Idiot) – BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves
16:10 BP here & there & now & zen
18:11 Intro – Led Zeppelin, Southampton, England 1973
19:11 Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll – BP Fallon & The Bandits
21:51 If I Had My Way – Blind Willie Johnson
24:58 Now We’re Nowhere – Little Barrie
29:01 Tip It Over – Little Barrie
34:21 Eagle Flies On Friday – Headcat
37:39 Pure White Cadillac – Big Rig Jackknife Rock w/ Danny B Harvey & Jimmy Quill
41:49 Taking Out The Trash – Endless Boogie
48:19 Will There Be Enough Water – The Dead Weather
54:30 Onwards To The Wall – A Place to Bury Strangers
58:16 BP over the rainbow
61:02 Peace In The Valley – The Rev Lonnie Farris
63:31 The jingle jangles go auld trianguling with Ronnie Drew
63:59 That’s All 4 Now, Folks!

Hear here!
Robert Plant & Twang Wang Dang Doodle, on BTR

Working with Led Zeppelin was very hard work #3

BP Fallon & Robert Plant, Houston, Texas
Photography by & © Nicola Powell

BP Fallon & The Bandits – Still Legal
Produced at Red Horse Ranch Studio in Austin Texas
by Fallon/Tasjan/Harrison/Burke

Working with Led Zeppelin was very hard work #1

"Well, ah got a girl with a record machine..."
The Twenty Fight Rockers – Michael Des Barres & BP Fallon
& Danny B Harvey & James Inveld from John Fogarty’s band
& Nigel Harrison from BP Fallon & The Bandits
Photography by & © Christopher Durst

A bunch of wild men running around Texas
A bunch of wild men running around Red Horse Ranch Studio,
Austin, Texas – Jesse Dayton & BP Fallon & Michael Des Barres
& Danny B Harvey & Jimmy Quill
Photography by & © Little Deb

Primal Scene with Barrie Cadogan front centre &
Soibhan Shields & Bobby Gillespie & Mani & Kevin Shields & Anna
Photography by & © BP Fallon

Primal Scream – Barrie Cadogan’s back & Bobby Gillespie out front
& Debbie Googe from My Bloody Valentine on bass guitar
Photography by & © BP Fallon

BP Fallon & Carley & Jonny of The Ghost Wolves
Photography by & © Aaron Lee Tasjan

The Ghost Wolves & BP Fallon 45

Blind Willie Johnson

Just another afternoon in New York
Jaime Coon photographed by & © BP Fallon

Breakthru Radio

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Kevin Shields attends a BP Fallon DJ gig at Death Disco London 2002
by & © BP Fallon

BP Fallon talks about My Bloody Valentine tonight, specifically discussing their classic groundbreaking 1991 album Loveless.

The TodayFM programme will be streamed live across the world at 7pm GMT – and will also be available as a podcast once it airs.

At the band’s invitation, BP has DJed on concerts by My Bloody Valentine in the US and Britain and is a great admirer of the music created by Kevin Shields and chums. Kevin promises the follow-up album to Loveless very shortly – and Mr Shields speaketh not with over-optimism (this time).

Our Mr Fallon will be talking to the host and creator of the series Poetic Champions Compose – which focuses on one classic album per show – Fiachna Ó Braonain of Hothouse Flowers.

TodayFM 7pm – Poetic Champions Compose
Live streaming

Patti Smith sings Louie Louie for Kevin Shields NYC 2008 by & © BP Fallon

Kevin Shields Believes In Elvis – from the video for BP Fallon’s I Believe In Elvis Presley

MBV’s Bilinda Butcher & Colm Ó Cíosóig New Jersey 2009
by & © BP Fallon

Primal Scene Dublin 2011 by & © BP Fallon

BP Fallon & MBV’s Debbie Googe at All Tomorrow’s Parties somewhere in England 2009 by & © Rosalynde Robert

Bobby Gillespie & Debbie Googe – Debbie was playing with Primal Scream, she’s back with MBV now – Dublin 2012 by & © BP Fallon

Two dodgy geezers, All Points West Festival, New Jersey 2009
by & © Jen Maler

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