John Lennon (vocals/piano) & BP Fallon (bass guitar/backing vocals) ~ “Like the moon and the stars and the sun…”

“Happy Birthday, John ~ I wish you were down here. We sure could use you on this battered but still amazing planet, use your rock’n’roll and your humour and your people-power. God bless you, dear magical Dr Winston O’Boogie. Rest In Peace. And thank you for being such an upful influence on my life and on millions of others too. I miss you & I love you x”
~ BP Fallon, Austin, Texas Oct 9th 2014

John Lennon: October 9th 1940 – December 8th 1980 RIP
“I believe in Dr Winston”

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band and the classic performance of ‘Instant Karma’ on BBC TV’s Top Of The Pops Feb 12th 1970.

Left to right ~ John Lennon [vocals & piano], Yoko Ono [knitting & Kotex eyewear], the Beatles’ road manager Mal Evans [tambourine], BP Fallon [bass guitar & hat], the Apple Records official House Hippy Richard DiLello [camera], Klaus Voorman [bass guitar] and Alan White [drums].

‘Instant Karma’ produced by Phil Spector.

"Instant Karma's gonna get you..."

The following week John Lennon was to be heard being interviewed on BBC radio by Emperor Rosko and telling his host “BP Fallon playing the bass guitar, that’s concept art”.

“I can’t play bass” says BP today, laughing, “but it’s better than whacking a tambourine into John’s left ear and almost putting him off his singing”. Which ~ as our next two pictures and video show ~ is what BP did the previous week on the Top Of The Pops of February 5th 1970…

Instant Karma ~ John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band TOTP Feb 5th 1970

Yoko & John with Peter Fallon and Eamon Carr’s Tara Telephone
‘Capella’ publication, the very edition ~ ‘Capella 3’ ~ that contained the drawing that John Lennon had done for ‘Capella’ the previous year at his and Yoko’s 1969 Amsterdam Bed-In.
‘Capella 3’ cover artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick.
Yoko & John photographed 1970 by Richard DiLello.
Photograph printed 1970 by Pete Saunders for Peter Fallon.

Photography: A Misfit, a Teddy Bear and flowers, Strawberry Fields Central Park New York City by BP Fallon

“And we all shine on…”

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