BP Fallon & Jimmy Page NYC Nov 2014. Photography by & © Bob Gruen

Celebrated rock’n’roll photographer Bob Gruen is always in the right place at the right time.

Jimmy Page was doing a public interview with John Varvatos at the John Varvatos store which is on the site of CBGBs on New York’s Bowery.

Bob Gruen snapped Jimmy and former Led Zeppelin publicist BP Fallon hanging out backstage.

Says Bob: “There are three rules to being a good photographer ~ and the first one is ‘Always carry a camera'”.

Page & Fallon first met in 1966 at MGM’s Elstree Studios outside London when they were both in the “Swinging Sixties” Antonioni film ‘Blow Up’ ~ Jimmy was a Yardbird and BP was an extra in The Yardbirds famous club scene where Jimmy’s fellow-guitarist Jeff Beck smashes his guitar ~ view here:

The Yardbirds ~ with guitarists Jeff Back & Jimmy Page ~ in ‘Blow Up’

Led by remaining Yardbird Jimmy Page, The New Yardbirds were completed by Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham before this stunning new band formed by Jimmy was named Led Zeppelin. BP Fallon became their publicist.

Bob Gruen first came into the Led Zeppelin picture when he photographed the band on tour in America in 1973.

Jimmy Page & BP Fallon eight miles high on Led Zeppelin’s private jetliner ‘Starship’ 1973. Photography by & © Bob Gruen

That timeless iconographic image ~ Led Zeppelin and their plane ‘Starship’ 1973 by & © Bob Gruen

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BP Fallon & Imelda May ~ What The Papers Say

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ACL Live Shot: Imelda May
Dublin rockabilly turns in a Kustom Kar set and owns the place

by Tim Stegall, The Austin Chronicle
All photography here by Nathan Edge

BP Fallon introduces Imelda May poetically at ACL, Texas

Graciously, church was in session inside the Zilker tent. A sermon preached by rock’n’roll consultant BP Fallon, ‘I Believe in Elvis Presley’ (“I believe in rockabilly and rock’n’roll”) improvised its climax: “I believe in Imelda May.” One force of nature thus made way for another.



With May’s crackerjack band setting a gravedigger groove, the Dublin-born rockabilly sensation slinked out in a form-fitting, black-striped dress, hair piled high. Her husband Darell Higham laid down fat, reverb-drenched Eddie Cochran figures from a big, orange, hollow-body guitar as the rhythm section crackled.

Meanwhile, May oozed sultry tones suggesting Wanda Jackson on a Billie Holiday bender…

Read the rest of Tim Stegall’s terrific piece in The Austin Chronicle

Imelda May2-2_1b

Imelda & her ace band on stage at ACL, Texas

After the show… the lady who “owned ACL Fest” & some geezer

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John Lennon (vocals/piano) & BP Fallon (bass guitar/backing vocals) ~ “Like the moon and the stars and the sun…”

“Happy Birthday, John ~ I wish you were down here. We sure could use you on this battered but still amazing planet, use your rock’n’roll and your humour and your people-power. God bless you, dear magical Dr Winston O’Boogie. Rest In Peace. And thank you for being such an upful influence on my life and on millions of others too. I miss you & I love you x”
~ BP Fallon, Austin, Texas Oct 9th 2014

John Lennon: October 9th 1940 – December 8th 1980 RIP
“I believe in Dr Winston”

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band and the classic performance of ‘Instant Karma’ on BBC TV’s Top Of The Pops Feb 12th 1970.

Left to right ~ John Lennon [vocals & piano], Yoko Ono [knitting & Kotex eyewear], the Beatles’ road manager Mal Evans [tambourine], BP Fallon [bass guitar & hat], the Apple Records official House Hippy Richard DiLello [camera], Klaus Voorman [bass guitar] and Alan White [drums].

‘Instant Karma’ produced by Phil Spector.

"Instant Karma's gonna get you..."

The following week John Lennon was to be heard being interviewed on BBC radio by Emperor Rosko and telling his host “BP Fallon playing the bass guitar, that’s concept art”.

“I can’t play bass” says BP today, laughing, “but it’s better than whacking a tambourine into John’s left ear and almost putting him off his singing”. Which ~ as our next two pictures and video show ~ is what BP did the previous week on the Top Of The Pops of February 5th 1970…

Instant Karma ~ John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band TOTP Feb 5th 1970

Yoko & John with Peter Fallon and Eamon Carr’s Tara Telephone
‘Capella’ publication, the very edition ~ ‘Capella 3′ ~ that contained the drawing that John Lennon had done for ‘Capella’ the previous year at his and Yoko’s 1969 Amsterdam Bed-In.
‘Capella 3′ cover artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick.
Yoko & John photographed 1970 by Richard DiLello.
Photograph printed 1970 by Pete Saunders for Peter Fallon.

Photography: A Misfit, a Teddy Bear and flowers, Strawberry Fields Central Park New York City by BP Fallon

“And we all shine on…”

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The little old lady & Gyl Owen-Corrigan & Robert Plant & BP Fallon in the lobby of The Drake Hotel New York July 24th 1973 by & © Bob Gruen

To mark the triumphant remastered re-release of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums with added tracks – Led Zeppelin I, II and III are in the British Top 10 – we present this unseen photograph by Bob Gruen taken in the lobby of The Drake Hotel in New York. BP Fallon takes up the story:

“I was at Bob Gruen’s incredible ‘Rock Seen’ photo exhibition in New York this April and as part of his exhibition Bob was displaying blown-up contact sheets from which the photographs came. There was the contact sheet that had Bob’s famous shot of Zeppelin standing by their airplane ‘Starship’ and as I looked at this dark little image on the contact sheet I said ‘Look, there’s me!’

“It was Led Zeppelin on tour in 1973 and we were gathered in the lobby of The Drake Hotel in New York waiting for the limos to take us to the plane to fly us to Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. And this rich old dear who lived at The Drake was berating Robert and grabbing his hair – ‘Why d’you have to have your hair long like that? Why can’t you look like a real man?’ Robert was very sweet to her, all peace and love”.

Commented Bob Gruen to BP nearly 41 years later: “You have a pretty good memory to remember what she was saying.”

So for your added delectation we’re showing Zeppelin’s ‘Traveling Riverside Blues’ video which flashes on this Drake lobby scene – plus some freezeframes from the video that capture this Old Money New York Lady Vs Led Zeppelin scenario.

And yes, The Drake Hotel is where over $200,000 of Led Zeppelin’s money went missing a few days later – but that’s another story.

Led Zeppelin – Traveling Riverside Blues freezeframes

Led Zeppelin – Traveling Riverside Blues (Official Video)

Led Zeppelin – Traveling Riverside Blues freezeframe

Jimmy Page & BP Fallon on Led Zeppelin’s plane Starship
by & © Bob Gruen

Robert Johnson – Traveling Riverside Blues (speed corrected, as it really sounded))

And if you’ve got 73 minutes, this is a wild and mysterious tale:

The Crossroads Legend – Search For Robert Johnson – full movie 1.13

That brilliant iconographic image ~ Led Zeppelin and their private plane Starship by & © Bob Gruen

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BP Fallon & Bob Gruen in Austin by Kate Jurkiewicz

The Band Portrait: Marketing ‘Perception’

Celebrated photographers BP Fallon, Bob Gruen, Lynn Goldsmith, Piper Ferguson plus PR maestro Ken Weinstein discuss the imagery of rock’n’roll. Moderated by ace photographer Anna Webber.

Says the SXSW site: “This year marks the 39th anniversary of the release of the Led Zeppelin album ‘Physical Graffiti’ – BP took some of the photographs of the band on the album cover and is celebrating by playing with his band at SXSW 2014 (Editors note: The Ghost Wolves do the honours) and by being on this superb panel.

“Every picture tells a story and sometimes these celebrated photographers do too. Let it rock!”

Austin Conference Centre, Room 15, 500 E Cesar Chavez St
TODAY Thurs March 13th at 2pm

See more vibey info & pix here

BP Fallon & Cara Delevingne by Bob Gruen

BP Fallon & Bob Gruen in LA by David Holmes

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