‘Upward and Onward’- Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan Remembered

Ian McLagan died suddenly last December in his adopted home town of Austin. Today would have been Mac’s 70th birthday.

A bunch of his friends gathered at SXSW this year to pay tribute to their pal, this very loved man who’d been the keyboard player in the Small Faces, The Faces, with the Stones and in Dylan’s band and so much more, so much more.

On the panel – singers BP Fallon and Patty Griffin both of whom Mac recorded with, bass-player Jon Notarthomas of Ian McLagan & The Bump Band who played with Mac solo too, KUTX radio personality Jody Denberg, Jo Rae Di Menno who did Mac’s press and David Fricke Senior Editor of Rolling Stone.

Says BP Fallon here – “What is stardom? Stardom is generosity of spirit and the joy of life made contagious and in that context Ian McLagan was as big a star as anyone”.

BP talks about Mac watched by Patty Griffin and David Fricke. Photography by Radek

David Fricke & BP Fallon & Jody Denberg & Jo Rae Di Menno & Patty Griffin & Jon Notarthomas. Photography by Radek

Ian McLagan with Patty Griffin ~ ‘Never Say Never’ ~ The David Letterman Show

Ian McLagan & BP Fallon during the recording of the BP Fallon & The Bandits album ‘Still Legal’. Photography by Radek

Even in the dark Mac was a beacon of light. Recording at Red Horse Ranch Studio ~ BP Fallon, Hector Munoz, Clem Burke, Ian McLagan & Aaron Lee Tasjan. Photography by Radek

Ian McLagan’s home in Austin. Photography by BP Fallon

Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan
May 12th 1945 – 3 Dec 2014
Rest In Peace, Mac. And thank you. We love you x

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BP Fallon presents Ian McLagan with his copies of the BP Fallon & The Bandits LP & CD on which Mac plays. Photography by Crystal Bauer

BP Fallon writes:
I can’t get my head around it, that this most vibey and energetic of men is… gone.

We became friends yonks ago ~ Mac said it was in 1967 ~ when I interviewed the Small Faces in London as we whizzed around Hyde Park in a mini-moke and had a smoke or two. “I know BP Fallon since before he had a hat” Mac used to say. Listen, you’d never meet a more tremendous guy, a warmer person. Miles of smiles. Totally a diamond geezer. And when he played his magical Hammond organ on our Bandits album it was such an honour, such a thrill. I mean, Small Faces & Faces & Stones & Dylan’s band and onwards to our little combo! C’mon!

Mac, thank you for your music and your friendship and the laughter. Please give my love to your beloved Kim. Bobby’s just ahead of you ~ he’s probably blowing with Steve and Ronnie already. It’s not goodbye ~ it’s till we meet again. And love to you, always x

Ian McLagan & Bandit Nigel Harrison in Red Horse Ranch Studio, Austin, Texas during the recording of the BP Fallon & The Bandits album ‘Still Legal’. Photography by Radek

Ian McLagan playing Hammond organ for BP Fallon & The Bandits. Photography by Radek

Ian McLagan playing his Hammond on ‘The War To Fight For Love’ ~ dig when he blasts in at 2.37 !!!

Aaron Lee Tasjan of BP Fallon & The Bandits writes on Facebook:
Mac. I still remember calling my manager on the phone to say, “Man, Ian McLagan is coming into our BP Fallon & The Bandits session and I have to produce him and I’m so nervous.” But when Mac came in, he was so kind to me and made me feel completely at ease and made me realize you don’t say or do anything when you work with a guy like Mac. You just sit back and learn how it’s done… which is exactly what I did. The man was pure as pure could be musically and as a person. Any rock’n’roll fan has benefited from his work and contributions to music. Here’s to Ian McLagan: A man who found a way to go straight from his heart to his instrument to your soul. You really couldn’t do any better.

Two Dodgy Geezers having a laugh. Photography by Radek

Two Dodgy Geezers still laughing. Photography by Radek

More Dodginess ~ Mac tries to sell us some dodgy LP that he plays on. Photography by BP Fallon

Ian McLagan May 12th 1945 – Dec 3rd 2014
One of the greatest piano & organ players in rock’n’roll ever.
And one of the nicest guys too.
Mac, we miss you already…

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BP Fallon headlines at ABGB in Austin this Friday Oct 10th.

And we are delighted to confirm that joining him for their performance together will be BP Fallon & The Bandits guitar ace Aaron Lee Tasjan.


The show is presented by Saustex Records and is part of the two-weekender Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta.

The evening is a benefit for Team Blixa and The National Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Also playing at ABGB on Friday are Pocket Fishrmen, Gay Sportscasters, Churchwood and Painted Redstarts.

BP Fallon & Aaron Lee Tasjan ~ the writers of ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’ ~ have a strum and a warble through their underground classic

FRIDAY OCT 10TH at ABGB in Austin
1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704 tel +1 512 298 2242
BP & Aaron stage time 9pm

Aaron Lee Tasjan & BP Fallon get a vibe going. Photography by Radek

Two Dodgy Geezers. Photography by Steven Stone/MILK


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Cara Delevingne ~ Timeless

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Playhouse Presents: Timeless starring Cara Delevingne (trailer)

Cara Delevingne – the coolest young model on the planet, sometime added vocals with BP Fallon & The Bandits and general all-round briliant viber – makes her UK TV acting debut tonight in Timeless, which follows the moving story of Chloe (played by Cara) and her great-grandmother Alice (played by Sylvia Syms). Chloe, whose soldier fiance has recently been posted in Afghanistan, thinks her world has been torn apart when a military officer arrives on their doorstep with news of a death…

Timeless ~ Sky Arts 1 9pm tonight June 19th 2014

Playhouse Presents: Timeless ~ Cara Delevingne & Sylvia Syms interview

BP Fallon & The Bandits ~ Cara Delivingne & BPF. Photography by & © Brian Birzer

More Banditry. Photography by & © Brian Birzer

Bandits stage invasion. Photography by & © Jonathan Garza

BP Fallon & The Bandits SXSW 2013 promo with BP Fallon, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Nigel Harrison, Clem Burke & Cara Delevingne. Edited by Miguel Angel

And! One of our fave early rock’n’roll films and much loved too by early Rolling Stones enfant terrible manager Andrew Loog Oldham – set in Soho’s rock’n’roll dives and strip clubs – with Sylvia Syms playing Maise, the stripper girlfriend of Johnny Jackson (Laurence Harvey), manager of Bongo Herbert (an untamed Cliff Richard):

Expresso Bongo (1959) ~ excerpt with Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Laurence Harvey & Sylvia Syms

BP Fallon & The Bandits 2012 with Joe King Carrasco ~ Hector Muñoz & Nigel Harrison & Cara Delevingne & Aaron Lee Tasjan & the great Stooges drummer Scott Asheton, bless him ~ with out front JKC & BPF. Photography by & © Bob Gruen

Cara & BP having a choogle (as one does). Freezeframe by Jonathan Garza

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Poster photography by Brian Birzer. Artwork by lib-lab

We are delighted to announce BP Fallon’s shows at SXSW in Austin, on which he’ll be backed by his long-term Texas collaboraters The Ghost Wolves – the mythical Carley Ghost on guitar and Jonny Ghost on drums.

Says Jonny of BP, “He’s a rock’n’roll sage. This is special for us, a musical treat”.

Excellent eye-opening piece & very cool pix

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves – Increasingly Often (roller coaster)
Filmed and mixed live at KUTX, Austin, Texas

Commercial break
‘Increasingly Often’
Original recording on the BP Fallon & The Bandits album ‘Still Legal’
Written & produced by BP Fallon/Aaron Lee Tasjan/Nigel Harrison/Clem Burke
LP-CD-digital download
End of commercial

BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves by & © Honeypie Mangrove

And! SXSW Lou Reed Tribute Concert

Additionally, BP will perform at the SXSW Lou Reed Tribute Concert at the Paramount Theater in Austin alongside Sean Lennon, Alejandro Escovedo & strings, Black Lips, Lucinda Williams, Lisa Marie Presley, Suzanne Vega, Wayne Kramer from The MC5, Richard Barone – even Andy Warhol star and Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Finger’ cover model Joe Dallesandro.

The house band is incredible and its core members will be familiar to fans of BP Fallon & The Bandits – none other than Blondie/Bandits drummer Clem Burke, guitarist Lenny Kaye from The Patti Smith Group who’s been a Bandit at live gigs in New York, Austin and Ireland’s Electric Picnic Festival and Tony Shanahan on bass from Patti Smith Group with Ivan Julian on guitar, Matt Fish on cello, Susan Voelz on violin.

This will be an amazing night.

Billboard Magazine: Inside the Lou Reed Tribute at SXSW: 20-Plus Acts, All-Star House Band to Create ‘Austin Meets New York Street Vibe’

From the book ‘U2 Faraway So Close’ words & photography by & ©
BP Fallon (Virgin Publishing) 1993

‘The band’ are U2, ‘Paul’ is U2’s manager Paul McGuinness

Outside It’s Europe – Moe Tucker, Bono, Sterling Morrison RIP, John Cale & Lou Reed RIP. Photography by & © BP Fallon 1993

Velvets & Lou Reed 4ever x

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