Through his warmth and skill, genuine enthusiasm and probing curiosity, Donal Scannell draws from BP Fallon the most revealing and personal interview that this rock’n’roll enigma has ever given. Fallon’s respect for Scannell is easily visible in the way he responds to his questioner in this very special meeting of the minds filmed in Dublin.

BP Fallon by Nigel Harrison

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Many SXSW adventures were had… BP Fallon and his fabulous friends played five brill gigs… and here are some of them…

BP Fallon & His Bandits at ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ at Jovita’s, Austin: Aaron Lee Tasjan, BP Fallon, Mark Stepro and Nigel Harrison. The killer combo also played two other storming sets – at the St Patrick’s Day Austin Fleadh and at The Hole In The Wall. Thank you Frank Murray and Kay Gourley. Photography by Bob Gruen.

Operation Juliet at TenOak, Austin: Aaron Lee Tasjan, Mark Stepro, BP Fallon, Teddy Purvay and Sean Lennon. The dual blues-wailing guitars of the dynamite Lennon/Tasjan duo – duelling and knitting with each other on ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’ and ‘Van And Gloria’ – were spectacular. Thank you SXSW for this magic night. Photography by Bob Gruen.

Operation Juliet singers BP Fallon and Irina Lazareanu in Austin. Photography by Jen Carey.

BP Fallon & The Twenty Flight Rockers at The Red Horse Ranch, Texas: Michael Des Barres (Silverhead), BP Fallon, Danny B Harvey (Wanda Jackson guitarist), James Intveld (drums; guitar in the John Fogerty band) and Nigel Harrison (Silverhead/Iggy Pop band/Blondie/BP Fallon & His Bandits). Thank you Jimmy Quill for hosting this amazing event. Photography by Kate Jurkiewicz.

“Life’s pretty good
It’s the only one we got
And if we didn’t have it
We would have it not…”
– excerpt from ‘Cold Chills’ by BP Fallon & His Bandits

Bandits: Aaron Lee Tasjan, BP Fallon, Mark Stepro & Nigel Harrison. Photography by Andrew Halliday.

With a grateful doff of the Derby to each of the magnificent musicians with whom we played in Texas, the LV gives special thanks to Aaron Lee Tasjan and Nigel Harrison and Mark Stepro. An honour to be the singer
in our effervescent and vibraphonic New York rock’roll band, gentlemen. More chariot choogles to come…


“Made out like a bandit
For so many years
What are you workin’ for?
One more big score?
What are you tryin’ to prove?

… No one can touch you now
But I can touch you now
You’re invisible
You got too many secrets
Bob Dylan said that
Somethin’ like that

You’ll find
Everything you’re looking for”
– excerpt from ‘Bandit’ by Neil Young

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Wang Dang Doodle Band Of The Week – from New York –
BP Fallon & His Band

Photography: Dean Wouters

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring BP Fallon & His Band

00:00 BP Fallon welcomes us to SXSW in Austin
00.25 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – Jimi & The Blind Boys Of Alabama & Ronnie Drew
00:49 DNA – The Kills
05:19 Blowfish – Bob Geldof
09:21 BP verbal
10:13 The Reason Why – Jack White & BP Fallon
11:47 I Believe In Elvis Presley – BP Fallon
16:10 Great High Mountain – Jack White
20:38 Systematic 6-Pack – Bob Geldof
24:06 Hanging On A Lie – RSAG
28:12 Don’t Hold Your Head So Low – Sweet Jane
33:17 Animals – Hamsandwich
36:51 Magazine – The Mighty Stef
40:12 BP rabbit
41:26 Cold Chills – BP Fallon & His Band
45:40 Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll – BP Fallon & His Band
49:42 She’s A Lover – Bob Geldof
54:06 Little Bit Of Heart – The Madison Square Gardeners
58:08 BP au revoir from SXSW in Austin
59:14 Saying Goodbye – The Greenhorns
61:50 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

BP Fallon & His Band: BP Fallon vox, Mark Stepro drums,
Nigel Harrison bass, Aaron Lee Tasjan guitar

Bob Geldof NYC March 14th 2011 by BP Fallon

The Kills Jamie Hince & Alison Mosshart
NYC March 12th 2011 by BP Fallon

Alison Mosshart & Jack White by photobooth

Breakthru Radio

More vibey Wang Dang visuals & stuff on the revibed

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The Reason Why

Jack White vox
BP Fallon vox

90 second movie created by Shimmy Marcus


Music: The White Stripes ‘Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine’

Meanwhile, I’m still thinkin’…

Marc Bolan by Tony Visconti

Brian Jones

Bob Dylan, ‘Isis’

Elvis as Tumbleweed by Alfred Wertheimer

John Lennon by Robert Freeman

John Lennon & BP Fallon

Keith Richards by Annie Leibowitz

John Lennon

Hank Williams

Bo Diddley

Jimi Hendrix

Brian Jones playing Mellotron

Gram Parsons

Jimi Hendrix plus Eric Burdon, John Mayall, Steve Winwood
and – from The Move – Carl Wayne

Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards
Chelsea Leyland & Aaron Lee Tasjan by BP Fallon

Jimi Father Christmas by Dezo Hoffman

Bob Dylan Hears A Who


BP Fallon on TV in the 80s

Elvis the DJ

Jimi’s hat


John Lennon by Bob Gruen

Charlie Chaplin plus 1 in Modern Times


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“Would you let your daughter..?” Mark Stepro drums, Nigel Harrison bass, BP Fallon vox, Aaron Lee Tasjan guitar

BP Fallon & His Band are delighted to announce three shows in Austin Texas during SXSW. All shows are free admission.

March 17
5pm Austin Fleadh
@ Kung Fu Saloon, 510 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 473-2683
7pm Hole In The Wall
@ 2538 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705 (Tel 512 477 4747)

March 18
5.15pm ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’

w/ Bob Geldof & his band
@ Jovita’s, 1619 South 1st Street Austin, TX 78704 (Tel 512 447 7825)

And! The mighty new video!

The exhilarating story of Van Morrison and Gloria and young whiteboy rhythm’n’blues, of Them and The Stones and The Animals via Muddy and Bo and The Wolf. Stunning performance. An amazing band and an incredible frontman. Texas awaits!

Filmed by Donal Scannell Dublin w/ additional thanks to Joly NYC.

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