Update #2 for Dublin Dec 20th – more Maser art magic

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Artist Of The Always Now, the magnificent Maser, has created a glorious poster for the gig “for my buddy BP Fallon”. Thank you brother.

Maser painted the stunning portrait of BP Fallon that adorns the outside wall of The Button Factory in Curve Street in Temple Bar in Dublin.

BP Fallon by Maser by Johnny Moy

In yesterday’s Star, Shilpa Ganatra asked our Mr Fallon “How does it feel to be the subject of graffiti artist Maser’s giant mural on Curved Street?”

Said BP “It’s probably the greatest honour I’ve ever received. I work outside of the mainstream and it seems fitting that a street artist – however renowned and respected Maser is, and he is – should give me my medal. I thank Maser and also Dublin Contemporary 2011, of which the portrait is a part. I must confess that maybe I’ve been high before – but never in a thirty foot high portrait on the side of a wall. It’s humbling”.

Work in progress – BP Fallon by Maser by Johnny Moy too

Beginning – BP Fallon by Maser by Jon Lynn

No arm in it – BP Fallon by Maser by éiresol.com

The shadow of your simile – BPF by Maser by Lucy Twitaker

The view from the good seats – BPF by Maser by lib-lab

“And we all shine on…”

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