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Playhouse Presents: Timeless starring Cara Delevingne (trailer)

Cara Delevingne – the coolest young model on the planet, sometime added vocals with BP Fallon & The Bandits and general all-round briliant viber – makes her UK TV acting debut tonight in Timeless, which follows the moving story of Chloe (played by Cara) and her great-grandmother Alice (played by Sylvia Syms). Chloe, whose soldier fiance has recently been posted in Afghanistan, thinks her world has been torn apart when a military officer arrives on their doorstep with news of a death…

Timeless ~ Sky Arts 1 9pm tonight June 19th 2014

Playhouse Presents: Timeless ~ Cara Delevingne & Sylvia Syms interview

BP Fallon & The Bandits ~ Cara Delivingne & BPF. Photography by & © Brian Birzer

More Banditry. Photography by & © Brian Birzer

Bandits stage invasion. Photography by & © Jonathan Garza

BP Fallon & The Bandits SXSW 2013 promo with BP Fallon, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Nigel Harrison, Clem Burke & Cara Delevingne. Edited by Miguel Angel

And! One of our fave early rock’n’roll films and much loved too by early Rolling Stones enfant terrible manager Andrew Loog Oldham – set in Soho’s rock’n’roll dives and strip clubs – with Sylvia Syms playing Maise, the stripper girlfriend of Johnny Jackson (Laurence Harvey), manager of Bongo Herbert (an untamed Cliff Richard):

Expresso Bongo (1959) ~ excerpt with Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Laurence Harvey & Sylvia Syms

BP Fallon & The Bandits 2012 with Joe King Carrasco ~ Hector Muñoz & Nigel Harrison & Cara Delevingne & Aaron Lee Tasjan & the great Stooges drummer Scott Asheton, bless him ~ with out front JKC & BPF. Photography by & © Bob Gruen

Cara & BP having a choogle (as one does). Freezeframe by Jonathan Garza

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