Wang Dang Doodle Artist Of The Week – from Austin
– Ray Wylie Hubbard

00:00 Heaven And Hell w/ BP Fallon & Jimi Hendrix
00:42 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The Blind Boys Of Alabama
& Ronnie Drew
00:57 New Year’s Eve At The Gates Of Hell – Ray Wylie Hubbard
04:19 Fried My Little Brains – The Kills
06:27 Jamie Coon
06:28 Love Interruption – Jack White
08:56 Will There Be Enough Water – The Dead Weather
14:44 Baby Says (acoustic) – The Kills
18:01 BP verbal
19:32 Mother Blues – Ray Wylie Hubbard
25:25 Johnny Dark The Medicine Man – Aaron Lee Tasjan feat Kevn Kinney
30:23 Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll (acoustic)
– BP Fallon & Aaron Lee Tasjan
32:56 Coricidin Bottle – Ray Wylie Hubbard
34:51 BP Fallon talks the rock of ages and waxes lyricists
38:51 Leonard Cohen on Phil Spector, The BP Fallon Orchestra Archives
42:08 Goldstar – Cashier No 9
46:10 The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song – Jeffrey Lewis
53:07 Here Be Monsters – Tieranniesaur
58:42 Fuck Music – Chicks
60:58 BP a bientot
62:25 Count My Blessings – Ray Wylie Hubbard
66:40 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Hear here!
Wang Dang Doodle featuring Ray Wylie Hubbard, on BTR

BP Fallon & Ray Wylie Hubbard, Red Horse Ranch, Texas
by & © Brian McDermott

Leonard Cohen & Chuck Berry & Keith Richards
courtesy PEN New England Song Lyrics Of Literary
Excellence Award, Kennedy Library Foundation, Boston

Cashier No 9 courtesy The David Holmes Sonic Wand

Annie Tierney of Tieranniesaur & BP Fallon
by & © Kay Gourley

Coricidin bottle & Duane Allman’s slide & Dunlop
& unidentified repro, by & © CharlieS at

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Willie Nelson’s ‘Luck, Texas’ ranch
by & © BP Fallon

BP Fallon & Bandit Aaron Lee Tasjan, Shinnecock
Nation Indian Reservation by & © MILK Studios

Breakthru Radio

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BP Fallon & The Bandits – Fame #9 at SXSW 2012 filmed by The Black Shades

Writes the singer with The Black Shades, Aaron Lee Clark: “I had the pleasure of seeing a performance from BP Fallon & The Bandits – Hector Munoz (Alejandro Escovedo), Nigel Harrison (Blondie), Scott Asheton (The Stooges) and Aaron Lee Tasjan (Himself). It was the best performance I have seen all year. BP captivates an audience like no one I have ever seen. This guy is the real deal and gives me even more reason to have my ears to pass through movement of the band and latch onto lyrics”.

“What is the most valuable thing in the world?”
Fame #9 photographed by Brian Birzer

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Bandits BP Fallon & Aaron Lee Tasjan – Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll (acoustic)(Fallon/Tasjan/Harrison). Filmed by Radek

As foreplay to BP Fallon & The Bandits playing at SXSW in Austin Texas tonight – where they’ll be joined by Scott Asheton from The Stooges – here for your delectation and elucidation are Mr Fallon and Bandits guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan with a wild acoustic twang and warble through The Bandits’ classic Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll.

“Maybe it’s a love song or maybe it’s a lust one…”

The answer, my friend, is blowing in your mind.

Tonight! BP Fallon & The Bandits live!
Wed March 14 @ 12.30am ie 30 mins into Thurs -The Saxon Pub
1320 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Sin City Social Club – Official SXSW showcase – Bandits headlining

Bandits BP Fallon & Aaron Lee Tasjan by MILK Studios/Steven Stone

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The Stooges 1st album (1969) – Iggy Pop vox, Scott Asheton drums, Dave Alexander bass guitar, Ron Asheton guitar

Roar power!

We are over the fucking moon – Scott Asheton the drummer with The Stooges will play with BP Fallon & The Bandits at their show tonight in Austin, Texas.

Says BP Fallon: “I got this phone call from Florida and it was Scott Asheton. He’d been watching the YouTube video of myself and The Bandits playing Van And Gloria in Holland and said he was up for having a play with us. I’m very very honoured, all the band are. Two amazing drummers – it’ll be wild!”

Tonight! BP Fallon & The Bandits live!
Wed March 14 @ 12.30am ie 30 mins into Thurs – The Saxon Pub
1320 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Sin City Social Club – Official SXSW showcase – Bandits headlining

Iggy and Scott Asheton are the only surviving members of the original Stooges – Dave Alexander died in 1975 and Scott’s brother Ron died in 2009.

Here’s Scott drumming with The Stooges at their induction to The Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame in 2010:

Iggy & The Stooges – Search And Destroy

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BP Fallon & The Bandits live at SXSW!

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Three For Texas – BP Fallon & The Bandits – Nigel Harrison, Clem Burke, BP Fallon and Aaron Lee Tasjan. Photography by Radek

Our sonic heroes headline three shows in Austin during SXSW


Wed March 14 @ 12.30am into Thurs – The Saxon Pub
1320 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Sin City Social Club – Official SXSW showcase – Bandits headlining

Sat March 17 @ 4.40pm – Skinny’s Ballroom
115 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701
Bandits top the bill at this St Patrick’s Day daytime event

Sun March 18 @ all day – Red Horse Ranch party!
Bandits headlining Jimmy Quill & Harper’s by-invitation party
on the magic ranch

And! Breaking news!

Hector Muñoz by Darlene Campbell

We are proud and delighted to announce that the extraordinary Hector Muñoz will play drums in BP Fallon & The Bandits at SXSW. Hector was the driving backbeat behind Alejandro Escovedo for many many years and as well as being recognised as a brilliant drummer is a good friend of BP and the band.

Reveals regular Bandits drummer Clem Burke “I can’t do SXSW because of touring commitments so BP rang me up and said ‘What about if I ask Hector if he’s up for the drumming?’ I said ‘Yes, if you can get him, a great drummer, a very nice man, perfect for The Bandits music, he rocks and he’s powerful’. So BP rang Hector and it’s a fabulous choice”.

Also joining BP & The Bandits at SXSW is the outstanding violin and mandolin virtuoso Brendon Anthony. “Think John Cale in The Velvet Underground but even more out there” says BP enigmatically.

BP Fallon & The Bandits at SXSW
BP Fallon – vox
Aaron Lee Tasjan – guitar
Nigel Harrison – bass guitar
Hector Muñoz – drums
Brendon Anthony – violin & mandolin

Happy Banditry!


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