BP Fallon NYC by Jamie Burke

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Wipeout Into Twenty-Twelve
Live from the Dublin studios of TodayFM
Four hours of mainline boogaloo
Dec 31st 2011 9pm (21.00 GMT) to Jan 1st 2012 1am (01.00 GMT)

Tomorrow (Saturday) BP Fallon yet again brings Ireland and beyond into the New Year by DJing his New Year’s Eve radio show, live on the web from the studios of TodayFM in Dublin.

Mr Fallon’s New Year shows are an institution – while BP’s critics say he should be in one.

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle is proud to have been doing this in Ireland on TodayFM for the last twelve years – the programme that starts in one year and finishes in the next – fly me to the tune.

You’ll be able to listen to BP and his tunes coming live from Ireland wherever you are on this planet. Just remember that we’re here on TodayFM

It’s this kind of music show: celebratory, a bit anarchic, lots of rock’n'roll and a few unreleased treasures, BP live in the TodayFM studio in Ireland reacting to txts and tweets and emails from across the globe. Wang Dang Wipeout Into 2012 – it’s your show too.

“If it’s the last thing you do this year…”

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An extract from Standing On A Plateau – A Plateau For The Arts
- writing about the BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockeys show in Dublin last Tuesday:

“The next part of the night was not what I was expecting though! BP taking to the stage with none other than The Hot Sprockets as his band and what a band they made!! BP with his words of poetry portrayed through song provided by the great musicianship of the fantastic Sprockets… swaying to the music BP was, you could see it in his eyes and also when he closed them!!

“He just feels music around him and appreciates it for the beauty that it is!! And although he may look old and frail he can certainly can move!! Jumping out into the audience at one point and giving a dance to the lucky few that were situated around him.

“He blew me away!! I was gobsmacked! He sang a song of his friend and musical hero Van Morrison, it was called ‘Van And Gloria’… the man certainly knows how to tell a story I tell ya!! Captivating is the word!!

“Thank you BP Fallon for the great gig and the wonderful memory!!”

Read the whole Standing On A Plateau piece

“Be who you are…”

All photography by and with thanks to Clare Moyna at VenueOne

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For the day that’s in it, with love

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Marc Bolan as Father Christmas

Jimi Hendrix as Father Christmas. Photo by Dezo Hoffmann

John Lennon & Yoko Ono as Father Christmas

War Is Over If You Want It – Happy Christmas from John & Yoko

Jimi – Santa Bold As Love. Photo by Dezo Hoffmann


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Enemies Wang Dang Doodle

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Wang Dang Doodle Band Of The Week – from New York – Enemies

00:00 BP Fallon aw shucks
00:12 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The Fuzz
01:21 Apathy Junkie – Enemies
04:00 Fuck Music – Chicks
06:16 BP verbal
07:00 Born To Be You – Enemies
11:24 Junkie Youth Blues #33 – The Fuzz
14:51 Summer Of Legs – Enemies
18:14 Rabbit from The Abbott
19:36 Robert Plant chinwag w/ BP Fallon from The BPFO Archives
21:57 BPF interviewed by John Caddell
inc live acoustic DACWASIRNR w/ Soper & Frank of The Hot Sprockets
32:42 Strychnine (excerpt; it’s strong stuff) – Bobby Gillespie
33:05 BPF interviewed by Sean Rocks
48:06 Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll – BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets
51:44 Yer man being a DJ
52:46 Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Blind Willie Johnson
55:54 Rockblocker – Tieranniesaur
59:06 BP Fallon yuletude vibing
59:49 Cutter Gets Cut – Enemies
63:20 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Hear here!
Wang Dang Doodle featuring Enemies, on BTR

Aaron Lee Tasjan in New York by & © BP Fallon

Aaron Lee Tasjan & BP Fallon & Lenny Kaye in NYC by & © Radek

BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets in Dublin by & © Oliver Smith

BP Fallon & Robert Plant & Vanessa Gilbert
meet the snake and the snake man, West Hollywood 1973
Photographer unknown

BP Fallon & Robert Plant in Texas by & © Nicola Powell

David McWilliams questions Annie Tierney of Tieranniesaur & BP Fallon & Bob Geldof at MindField at Electric Picnic, Ireland by & © lib-lab

BP Fallon by Maser by & © Katherine Kenny

Breakthru Radio

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One more time! Plus Fallon interview by Fanning – your questions!

Image by Maser

By popular demand the astounding show by BP Fallon backed by The Hot Sprockets last Tuesday in Dublin at The Workman’s Club is being rebroadcast tonight at 00.00 GMT – which in normal language is midnight tonight in Ireland and Britain, 11pm in Paris, 7pm in New York, 4pm in Los Angeles etc etc.

Simply click here: VenueOneLive

And! To intro the rebroadcast, BP will be interviewed live by Dave Fanning in the VenueOne studios. Dave will be asking BP the questions – but so can you! Just log on and ask BP anything you want:
VenueOne – log in to ask BP a question – he’ll answer anything!

Screengrab of the live streaming on Tuesday – being rebroadcast tonight with your questions to BP

“I’m not against a little darkness, I’m not against a little sin…”
BP & Tim & Soper of The Hot Sprockets by Oliver Smith

“What’s the point if you don’t have a joint
Vs What’s the fun if you don’t have a gun?”
BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets by Conor Mooney

“Increasingly often, I’m thinking it’s the last time…”
BPF by Oliver Smith

Van And Gloria: BPF by Oliver Smith

VenueOne review by Aaron Rogan of Tuesday’s mindblaster:
“as much a show about music as it is a music show”

“Happy whatever you got
Happy whatever you want”
-BPF x

With enormous thanks to everyone :)

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BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets show at The Workman’s Club in Dublin tonight Tuesday Dec 20th is being streamed live globally by VenueOne.com

Here’s the vibe:

BP Fallon verbal – Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n'Roll (1.30)

BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets – streaming live today Tuesday Dec 20th at 21.30 GMT – ie 9.30pm in Ireland & Britain, 4.30pm in New York, 1.30pm in Los Angeles etc – on VenueOne.com

BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets poster for Dublin Tues Dec 20th 2011. Photo by Stuart Smyth in George’s Street, Dublin. Photo of BPF on the poster by Jen Maler at Terminal 5 NYC

Doors 8pm. A few tickets here!

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BP & Barry – photo courtesy Radio Nova

BP Fallon talks to Barry Egan on Barry’s Radio Nova programme tonight (Sunday) at 7pm to celebrate the BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets show in Dublin on Tuesday.

Today at 7pm ie 19.00 GMT gobally
ie New York 2pm, Los Angeles 11 pm etc:
Hear ‘BP Fallon Interview By Barry Egan’ live on Radio Nova here

With Barry Egan‘s famous probing in-depth questioning – honed by two decades writing for Ireland’s Sunday Independent plus Britain’s the NME and US magazine Creem – expect the unexpected when he sits down with BP Fallon in front of the Radio Nova microphone.

Previous guests on Barry’s show include Roger Waters, The Sex Pistols and Paul Weller.

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Update #2 for Dublin Dec 20th – more Maser art magic

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Tickets here

Artist Of The Always Now, the magnificent Maser, has created a glorious poster for the gig “for my buddy BP Fallon”. Thank you brother.

Maser painted the stunning portrait of BP Fallon that adorns the outside wall of The Button Factory in Curve Street in Temple Bar in Dublin.

BP Fallon by Maser by Johnny Moy

In yesterday’s Star, Shilpa Ganatra asked our Mr Fallon “How does it feel to be the subject of graffiti artist Maser’s giant mural on Curved Street?”

Said BP “It’s probably the greatest honour I’ve ever received. I work outside of the mainstream and it seems fitting that a street artist – however renowned and respected Maser is, and he is – should give me my medal. I thank Maser and also Dublin Contemporary 2011, of which the portrait is a part. I must confess that maybe I’ve been high before – but never in a thirty foot high portrait on the side of a wall. It’s humbling”.

Work in progress – BP Fallon by Maser by Johnny Moy too

Beginning – BP Fallon by Maser by Jon Lynn

No arm in it – BP Fallon by Maser by éiresol.com

The shadow of your simile – BPF by Maser by Lucy Twitaker

The view from the good seats – BPF by Maser by lib-lab

“And we all shine on…”

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With love to Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold Of Me (video)

Posted by BP Fallon on Saturday Dec 17, 2011 Under Magic, Music, Rock'n'Roll

As I write this comes the news that Etta James is seriously ill.

Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold Of Me (1962)

Etta? One of the most emotive voices in soul ever, a volcano of passion and raw feelings of love and hurt and desire stripped to the bone, no messin’, no dressin’, just pure and naked and beautiful.

I was lucky enough to meet Etta in London in 1989, the time of her pounding Seven Year Itch album for Island Records. Meeting her in her hotel room, I interviewed this regal queen of soul as she sat there on the sofa, larger than life and humble and kind. Oh, she’d been through the mill, junkie blues and all that, for years and years and years, was still healing and thus still wounded. There was something majestic about her, something noble. Perfection is sometimes being able to cope with being who you are.

And then she went on stage and bellowed and howled and bled and burnt and opened the very heavens with this voice both raw and intimate. For twenty-five minutes she prowled the stage, this goddess of feral soul, an angel who’s tripped, stumbled and fallen crying out joyfully from the brightened shadows of redemption, triumphant in her glory, sweat pouring off her like holy water. This is it, this is the real thing.

Etta James, I love you. You are in my prayers.

-BP Fallon, Dublin Dec 17th 2011

Etta James & Chuck Berry & Keith Richards & band – Rock’n'Roll Music (1986)

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Annie Tierney from the more-than-effervescent Tieranniesaur joins BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets plus esteemed DJ Johnny Moy next Tuesday in Dublin at The Workman’s Club to spin a few merry tunes from her own eclectic bag.

Annie Tierney & BP Fallon by Kay Gourley

Annie has been a fave and friend of this parish since her schoolgirl days in Chicks and it’s gratifying to see the debut album by Tieranniesaur – titled Tieranniesaur and much spinned on BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – being hailed by many punters and critics in Ireland as Album Of The Year.

Tieranniesaur with Chris Frantz & Tina Weynouth of Tom Tom Club
by BP Fallon

Annie Tierney & BP Fallon & Bob Geldof speaking at MindField at Electric Picnic 2011 by lib-lab

Tues Dec 20th at The Workman’s Club, Dublin
BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets
plus DJs Johnny Moy & Annie Tieranniesaur
Doors 8pm. Here be tickets

Tieranniesaur Wang Dang Doodle

Chicks Wang Dang Doodle

And on we choogle…

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