Wang Dang Doodle Band Of The Week – from Dublin
– The Hot Sprockets

00.00 BP Fallon Goes Operatic
00:33 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:43 Cruisin’ – The Hot Sprockets
03:26 Now We’re Nowhere – Little Barrie
07:28 Tip It Over – Little Barrie
12:49 BP verbal
13:51 Honeyskippin’ – The Hot Sprockets
17:26 Closer Now – The Happen-Ins
21:35 John Lennon Goes Honky
21:43 Chant – The Hot Sprockets
22:32 I’m Leavin’ – The Hot Sprockets
25:15 BP Fallon Goes Monster Mash
26:00 Here Be Monsters – Tieranniesaur
31:33 Fuck Music – Chicks
33:49 Rock’n’Roll Motherfucker – The D4
35:48 Super Fucked – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
42:21 Surf Solar – Fuck Buttons
52:54 Long Way From Home – The Hot Sprockets
56:30 BP with a doff of the Derby to you
57:47 Bad Jim – The Hot Sprockets
60:58 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Hear here!
BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring The Hot Sprockets, on BTR

The Hot Sprockets by Dave Barry

Annie Tierney of Tieranniesaur & BP Fallon by Kay Gourley

Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth of The Tom Tom Club
with Tieranniesaur by BP Fallon

Melanie Draisey of Le Volume Corbe & Willie B Carruthers
of The Brian Jonestown Massacre family by BP Fallon

Full Moon by BP Fallon

And! Honeyskippin’ back to October 1010…

The Hot Sprockets – Honeyskippin’. “Fuckin’ deadly” indeed

Breakthru Radio

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Watch: BP Fallon interviewed by Italian Vogue (5.13)
We recommend watching in HD

Subjects discussed: BP Fallon & His Bandits and why maybe you shouldn’t listen to them, his Wang Dang Doodle radio show, the link between rock’n’roll and fashion – and what rock’n’roll is. All this wrapped up in BP’s joyful and zestful attitude to life and living, in a most vibrant interview.

Interview by Stefania Pia
Directed by Thommasco Cardile
Editing by Carlo Crocchiolo
Filmed in the Lower East Side, New York City
Excerpts from ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’ by BP Fallon
directed by Shimmy Marcus

And because of the very cool cinematography by Thommasco Cardile…
some screengrabs…

“Focus on BP Fallon – a peak into the rock’n’roll poet’s head”

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God bless Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse Sept 14th 1983 – July 23rd 2011. RIP.

Goodnight, Amy.

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Wang Dang Doodle Band Of The Week – from Dublin
– Tieranniesaur

00:00 BP Fallon & Jimi Hendrix for play
00:18 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The Blind Boys Of Alabama & Ronnie Drew
00:33 Here Be Monsters – Tieranniesaur
06:07 Baby Says (acoustic) – The Kills
09:22 “This one’s for Gene, Eddie and Elvis” – John Lennon
09:33 I Believe In Elvis Presley (acoustic) – BP Fallon & Aaron Lee Tasjan
13:33 BP Fallon talks about Chicks
15:04 I Don’t Stop – Tieranniesaur
17:18 Fuck Music – Chicks
19:35 Down In Memphis – Booker T Jones
23:13 The Bronx – Booker T Jones w/ Lou Reed (vox)
27:48 Scratches – BP Fallon
27:53 Chicken Half – The Sugarman 3
31:14 Junkie Youth Blues #33 – The Fuzz
34:39 When The Sun Comes Up (For The Last Time) – Dead Skeletons
41:18 I Tink Ur Strange – Tieranniesaur
46:19 BP verbal
47:23 Rock Blocker – Tieranniesaur
50:34 BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The Shining Twins
50:38 The Water’s All Run Dry – Wrinkle Neck Mules
54:45 Trouble No More – Honkytonk Homeslice
57:49 BP Fallon au revoir
58:59 Remember My Name – Tieranniesaur
61:27 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Hear here!
BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Tieranniesaur, on BTR

Aaron Lee Tasjan & BP Fallon

Chicks: Lucy Clarke & Isabel Reyes-Feeney & Annie Tierney

Padraig O’Reilly & Annie Tierney of Tieranniesaur

Booker T Jones & Lou Reed

Ziggy & Iggy & Lou w/ Iggy in T.Rex t-shirt
by Mick Rock

The Fuzz: Jason Bombach & Todd Bruhnsen

The Shining Twins: Alex Weiss and Marisa Kreiss

Wrinkle Neck Mules


We don’t like guns and we don’t like violence… but we like this video.
Tieranniesaur – one of the most ginchy new bands anywhere.

Breakthru Radio

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Operation Juliet – Van And Gloria

Operation Juliet
BP Fallon vox – Aaron Lee Tasjan guitar/vox – Sean Lennon guitar – Irina Lazareanu vox/tambourine – Teddy Purvay bass – Mark Stepro drums

YouTube says “The sage-like rock’n’roll poet and the Op J musical collective have a cosmic choogle through the BP Fallon & His Bandits classic ‘Van And Gloria’. And the amazing guitar-playing from the double-dynamite duo of Bandit Aaron Lee Tasjan and Sean Lennon doubtlessly has Jimi smiling…”

Video filmed by Kate Jurkiewicz from LA & Jen Carey from London
With thanks too to Shimmy Marcus in Dublin & Olivia Wolfe in New York
A We Haven’t Been To Rio Yet Production

And! More stuff!

BP Fallon and Aaron Lee Tasjan are very vibed to be joining The Patti Smith Group in playing at the extraordinary Escape To New York festival on the Shinnecock Nation Indian reservation – adjacent to the Long Island town of Southampton, NY. The date: Friday August 5th 2011 ie very very soon.


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