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Larry Mullen Jr & Morleigh Steinberg & Bono & BP Fallon in Mexico
in the foothills of the Teotihuacan Pyramid 1992

Soundcloud 03 Part 2
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Writes Bill Kates:
“Sssh. A track from that rarest of U2 discs, ‘Zoo Radio’, their official radio show released only to radio stations by Island Records and the Album Network in 1992, produced by yours truly, hosted by BP Fallon, longtime friend to U2 and the DJ at their live shows at the time. This section features clips from a pre-‘South Park’ Primus with the Zoo Radio Theme, Michael Franti and the Disposable Heros of HipHopcracy, Mick Jones and B.A.D, Chuck D and Flavor Flav from Public Enemy… I post this as an historic record of a radio show which I produced, for educational purposes only, and make no profit by doing so. All Rights Reserved for the short music clips by the respective owners of those copyrights. No infringement is intended”.

Fact fans factoid: ‘Zoo Radio’ was produced & written by the esteemed Bill Kates & the less esteemed Zoo TV tour DJ Mr Fallon – who also hosted the show, doing skits with Bono, talking about Elvis and Marilyn and asking about the most famous man in the world. Chuck D here is particularly brilliant – and additionally, most elucidating about Elvis.

Zoo Radio CD cover 1992

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