BP Fallon’s Loose As A Goose Wang Dang Doodle

Alison Mosshart of The Kills by BP Fallon

Loose As A Goose Wang Dang Doodle

00:00 BP Fallon with the craic
00:19 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:29 Little Blossom – Reckless Kelly
05:23 No Good Woman – Radio Moscow
13:23 Ralane Walegh – Tourmast
18:21 BP verbal
18:47 Louisiana Blues – Steve Marriott
22:29 She Moves Me Man – Steve Marriott
26:39 Turn Of The Century – Royal Trux
33:34 So Appalled – Kanye West w/ RZA & Jay Z & Pusha T & Swizz Beatz & Cyhi The Prince
40:10 Total Fucking Madness – Carbon/Silicon
45:47 BP speak
46:46 Last Day Of Magic – The Kills
50:05 Remember When – The Black Keys
52:14 Comin’ Round Again – Kevn Kinney
55:38 BP salutes you
56:21 Holy Pictures – David Holmes
61:34 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Kanye West

Holy Picture

“It’s very un-groovy to say ‘Loose as a goose’, man…”

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Because we love it

Wanda Jackson recording at Capitol Records Hollywood 1958

Wanda Jackson & her record producer/guitarist/superviber Jack White Nashville 2011

The Party Ain’t Over 2011


On the road on their first tours together in America’s
deep south, two young ‘uns, 1955 and 1956

Thank you Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. ‘Shakin’ All Over’
written by Johnny Kidd, UK #1 1960.

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“I’m wonderin’ where in the world Jerry Lee’s been…”

Wanda Jackson inflammable vocals
Jack White guitar & producer
Patrick Keeler drums
Olivia Jean bass
…plus the mighty minstrels of the Third Man House Band.
‘Thunder On The Mountain’ written by Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan – Thunder On The Mountain official video

Wanda rocks hard with ‘Hard Headed Woman’ on Town Hall Party in 1958. “Keep your cotton-pickin’ fingers off my curly hair!”

Wanda Jackson & Jack White by Joe McCaughey 2011

Wanda Jackson & Gene Vincent 1956

Wanda Jackson & Elvis on tour 1955. Young Wanda and young El dated awhile and The Memphis Flash turned the country singer from Oklahoma onto wild rock’n’roll. The legacy continues. Thank you El, Wanda, Jack, Bob and all. Rock’n’Roll.

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Jim Jones Wang Dang Doodle Revue

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Wang Dang Doodle Band Of The Week – from London
– The Jim Jones Revue

The Jim Jones Revue by lib-lab

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring The Jim Jones Revue

00:00 BP Fallon in the jungle near the highway
00:24 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:34 Dishonest John – The Jim Jones Revue
02:46 Matter Of Time – The Low Anthem
06:32 BP speak
07:18 Turn Of The Century – Royal Trux
14:15 Skywood Greenback Mantra – Royal Trux
17:21 Strawberry Soda – Royal Trux
19:57 Who Needs It? – Patti Palladin & The Rituals
24:08 John Lawman – Roky Erickson
27:22 Elemental – The Jim Jones Revue
30:03 BP verbal
30:45 Come Over To The Dark Side – The Mighty Stef
33:21 Take Me Home – Sweet Jane
37:22 Righteous Wrong – The Jim Jones Revue
41:44 Rockabilly Party – Quasi
45:24 Dying – The Whigs
49:30 Theme From Smile Tara Baby – Simon Carmody & Arthur Baker
54:12 BP au revoir
55:26 Cement Mixer – The Jim Jones Revue
59:37 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Jim Jones by lib-lab

The Low Anthem

Jennifer Herrema & Neil Hagarty of Royal Trux

Patti Palladin & Anita Pallenberg by BP Fallon

Lydia Des Dolles of Sweet Jane

This programme is dedicated with love and respect to Ian Smith RIP

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BP Fallon & Phil Lynott, Malahide Castle Dublin March 1st 1983. Photography by Eve Holmes

You’ve asked to hear it again so here it is: BP Fallon & Dave Fanning talking to Katherine Thomas live on RTE Radio1 Jan 3rd 2011, discussing the life and times of their friend Phil Lynott
BP Fallon & Dave Fanning on Phil Lynott 25 years RIP

Phil Lynott August 20th 1949 – January 4th 1986. Bless you, Phil.

“I believe in Philip Lynott…” BP Fallon recites at The 25th Vibe For Philo, Dublin January 4th 2001. Photography by Ruth Medjber

With much appreciation to Smiley Bolger, Phil’s friend who has run The Vibe For Philo for the last quarter of a century. We all thank you, Smiley.

A bunch more 25th Vibe For Philo pix on BP Fallon’s Flickr

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