Marc Bolan & T.Rex with BP Fallon: ‘Hot Love’ from VisualArtCo on Vimeo

Performance filmed June 27th 1971 in Erbach/Odenwald near Frankfurt for the German TV show ‘Hits A GoGo’. BP Fallon and T.Rex travelled to Italy the following day June 28th 1971 for another TV performance, when the photograph below was taken.

BP Fallon & T.Rex 1971
Photography: BP Fallon & T.Rex – Marc Bolan & Mickey Finn & Bill Legend & Steve Currie – Milan 1971. Marc, Mickey and Steve RIP. This image found via Facebook by Karen Bond.

Says BP “We flew to Milan from Frankfurt for another tv show and then flew on to Switzerland later that evening to do interviews. Marc’s peaked cap is from ‘Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die’, Malcolm McLaren & Vivienne Westwood’s shop in King’s Road before ‘Sex’.

“La la la lala la la, la la la lala la la…”

T.Rex ‘Hot Love’ screengrabs: BP Fallon & Marc Bolan
on the German TV show ‘Hits A Go Go’ 1971

With thanks to Radek, Bill Kates, lib-lab, Jörg Günther and Dennis Dahm.

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Smile… I have a dream

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“I believe in Charlie Chaplin
I believe in MLK
I believe in what is happening
I believe in come what may…”
– BP Fallon, ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Band Of The Week
– from Philadelphia – The Asteroid #4

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring The Asteroid #4

00:00 BP Fallon ba ba ba…
00:11 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:20 Wicked Wire – The Asteroid #4
02:25 We Fall Away – Sunsplit
07:58 Oh My Mind – The Sounds Of Kaleidoscope
12:23 BP verbal
12:59 The Unknown – The Asteroid #4
17:11 Crazy Afrobeat – Tony Allen
22:01 More Mess On My Thing – The Poets Of Rhythm
26:05 Secret Agent – Tony Allen
31:14 BP rabbit
31:48 Hail To The Clear Figurines – The Asteroid #4
36:24 His Guiding Hand – Medicine Head
40:19 Friends In Time – The Golden Horde with Maria McKee
45:36 Dead Mantra – The Dead Skeletons
53:50 The Stride – Clague
56:21 BP exits stage left, smiling…
57:36 In The Interests Of Captain Marbles – The Asteroid #4
59:06 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Photography: The Golden Horde

Photography: Tony Allen

More vibey Wang Dang visuals plus live gig listings on brill

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“The musical highlight… was BP Fallon and band…”

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The Brooklyn Vegan says: “The musical highlight of the recent not-Pete Doherty show at Milk Studios was BP Fallon and band performing ‘Fame #9’ / ‘I Believe in Elvis Presley’ with Lenny Kaye and Aaron Lee Tasjan on guitars and Sean Lennon on drums. Joly filmed it. Video below…”

Video: BP Fallon & His Band performing ‘Fame #9’ / ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’ live @ Milk NYC by Joly

Photography: BP Fallon & His Band – Aaron Lee Tasjan & BPF & Lenny Kaye – soundchecking @ Milk NYC by Radek

Screengrab: BP Fallon & His Band – BPF & Aaron Lee Tasjan & Sean Lennon – live @ Milk NYC by Christopher M Lynch

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Thirsty: The Interview with BP Fallon Part 1

Amazing interview conducted in The Chelsea Hotel by noted American rock’n’roll commentator Sarah L Myers.

Subjects embraced range from BP Fallon talking about his band to when he used to stay at The Chelsea, from his internet radio show BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle to drugs, from fame and Fuck Buttons to Max’s Kansas City and Dee Dee Ramone, from The Kills to “animalistic behavior is very much part of rock n’ roll” to BP’s idea of romance… and beyond.

And! Listen! In audio!
Hear BP talking to Sarah about “the magnificent tragedy” that was Gene Vincent and the joy and pain of managing Johnny Thunders.

Illustrated with photos by BP Fallon of Alison Mosshart and Agyness Deyn, Alan McGee and Kate Moss, Karen Elson and Slash plus shots of our Mr Fallon with friends like Marc Bolan and Jack White.

It’s such a great interview that here’s the link again x

Photography: BP Fallon & Johnny Thunders Dublin 1990 by Paul Murphy

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