Malcolm McLaren RIP

Posted by BP Fallon on Thursday Apr 8, 2010 Under Rock'n'Roll

Malcolm McLaren Jan 22 1946 – April 8 2010 RIP

Artwork by Jamie Reid

Sex Pistols & Malcolm McLaren A&M signing

Malcolm outside Sex

Malcolm McLaren talking to Keanan Duffty last summer.
With thanks to Harley Sears.

God Bless Malcolm, situationist and provocateur, for all his madness and magic x

3 Responses to “Malcolm McLaren RIP”

  1. John D'Arcy Sr Says:

    Well said BP- a maverick in every sense.

  2. Harley Says:

    A brilliant man… truly irreplaceable.

  3. Clintion o Boogaloo Says:

    Great 3 piece documentary on the bbc website