For a night that promises to be completely joyfully rockingly crazy, the very rockin’ supermodel Agyness Deyn is Special Guest DJ when she joins BP Fallon on the decks to DJ at Death Disco Toronto on April 1.

Death Disco Toronto with DJs BP Fallon & Agyness Deyn
Thursday April 1 at 10pm
@ Liberty Grand in the swelegant Governor’s Room, Exhibition Place, Toronto
The Governor’s Room capacity 1500, total venue capacity 3,000
A Betsey Johnson Fashion Show kicks off tonight’s party!
Death Disco DJs BPF & AD 11pm to 2am!
Online tix only $30 here $40 on door if there are any left by then!

“I’ve always wanted Aggy to DJ at Death Disco” says BP, “and this party is the climax of Toronto Fashion Week so it’s perfect”

Agyness is currently receiving rave reviews for her acting debut in the McDermott and McGough movie ‘Mean To Me’ –  the thirteen-minute film noir set in 1930s Manhattan in which she plays opposite ‘Law & Order’ actor Linus Roache – with Vogue UK noting “Film critics laud Agyness Deyn’s acting debut as ‘flawless’”.

Screen grab: Agyness Deyn in ‘Mean To Me’. See an excerpt here

In Japan in collaboration with Barneys she has just launched her green-conscious capsule collection as part of the ‘Go Green’ campaign.

Agyness Deyn is the brightest light in modelling since Kate Moss kicked in twenty years ago and she’s now expanded into acting and designing. Music? She’s always DJed, at little parties and with pals. She’s a music girl. And during the recent London Fashion Week ‘Fashion For Haiti’ charity fundraiser, Aggy endeared  herself to the world even more when she famously fell on the runway from her high high heels not once but twice and just laughed the whole thing off with elegance and with grace and the cutest of curtsies. Dig ‘The Falls And Rise Of Agyness Deyn’!

Photograph: BP Fallon sees in his Tour Schedule that he’s DJing Death Disco Toronto with Special Guest DJ Agyness Deyn on April 1 2010 – thirty-eight years into the future. “I’m delighted I asked my agent to book me in advance” BP’s happily thinking as Marc Bolan hovers beside him cosmically.
Photography by Record Mirror at Chateau D’Herouville near Paris during the recording sessions for the T.Rex album ‘The Slider’ March 1972

Photography: BP & Aggy NYC May 2nd 2008 by David Cole

Agyness Deyn Online Blogspot

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March 26 Wang Dang Jim Jones & Texas Doodle

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Band Of The Week
- from London - The Jim Jones Revue

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring The Jim Jones Revue

00:00 BP Fallon has tea for Texas
00:16 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:26 Rock’n'Roll Psychosis – The Jim Jones Revue
02:52 What’s Up Doc? – Carbon/Silicon
08:36 This Is The End – Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth
11:28 BP verbal
12:30 Elemental – The Jim Jones Revue
15:21 Psychotic Girl – The Black Keys
19:28 Runnin’ With The Pack – Patti Palladin & The Rituals
24:21 Who Needs It? – Patti Palladin & The Rituals
28:31 Talking In Tongues – Tania Nally
33:00 Fish 2 Fry – The Jim Jones Revue
36:35 BP speak
37:38 Fame #9 – BP Fallon
40:56 Rock’n'Roll Motherfucker – The D4
42:55 Sonny Boy Blues – The Hot Sprockets
49:49 Been Down So Long – Scott H Biram
53:30 Princess & The Frog – The Jim Jones Revue
57:33 BP waves and plugs Death Disco Toronto April 1st
58:50 Cement Mixer – The Jim Jones Revue
63:00 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Photography: The Jim Jones Revue 2010

Photography: PattI Palladin & Anita Pallenberg by BP Fallon 1997

More vibey Wang Dang visuals plus live gig listings on brill

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BP Fallon and his band are Special Guests at the Rajiworld-presented Victoria Williams Sweet Relief benefit at Jovita’s, 1619 First Street, Austin, TX. They take the stage at 6.30pm, after Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go’s and the Michael Des Barres truth revue.

By Jennifer Brandon:

Now BP Fallon. Where do I even begin? A small, wee Irishman with shining skin, a mischievous smile, armed with a notebook of intense lyrical poems on the direction of pop culture and commentary on what’s happened to rock’n'roll.

Flanked by Blondie’s rhythm section (Clem Burke on drums and Nigel Harrison on bass) and lead guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan (who has played with The New York Dolls), BP set out to jostle the minds of his audience.

Go to his site to listen to the Jack White-produced ‘I Believe in Elvis Presley’. It doesn’t demonstrate the insanity of seeing the guy live though. He really was provocative and old school. Another pleasant surprise and super fun.

- taken from Jennifer Brandon’s review of the Rare Magazine-presented Austin Fleadh [festival in Gaelic] curated by Frank Murray, the legendary Irish manager behind The Pogues.

Read Jennifer’s full report and see more photographs in Southern Exposure

Photography of BP Fallon and his beat combo by Jennifer Brandon and David Weaver with much thanx

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Artists Of The Week
- from Chicago & New York - Felix Da Housecat & Diddy

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Felix Da Housecat & Diddy

00:00 BP Fallon opens the door
00:18 John Lennon & Jaime Coon hold it open
01:17 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
01:27 BP Fallon bubbling mega
01:59 Lectro Black Last Train To Paris Mixtape 
- Felix Da Housecat & Diddy
61:20 BP Fallon waves au revoir from Paris
61:49 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Photography: Jaime Coon & Ronnie Drew DJing at Death Disco New York St Patrick’s Night 2004

More vibey Wang Dang visuals plus live gig listings on brill

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BP Fallon & Band World Debut In Texas!!!

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BP Fallon and his band make their world debut in Texas at SXSW in Austin today March 17.

Their first-ever appearance happens just before BP takes the decks to DJ at Death Disco Texas.

Fronted by BP Fallon (vox), lead guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan has played with The New York Dolls and the four-piece are powered by the Rock’n'Roll Hall Of Fame-inducted Blondie rhythm section of Nigel Harrison (bass) and Clem Burke (drums).

Joining BP and his band are The Mighty Stef among the additional hot combos.

Date: March 17 St Patrick’s night.
BPF combo stage time: 7.30pm immediately prior to BP Fallon DJing at Death Disco Texas as part of Frank Murray’s First Annual Fleadh.
Venue: The 4th St Fort, 216 4th Street @ San Jacinta, Austin, Texas.
Event starts midday to 10pm Sponsored by Guinness. FREE ADM!!! Fuck yeah.

Photography: BP Fallon by Mark Nixon. This photograph is the winner of ‘Best Portrait Image’ in the National Photographic Awards Ireland 2010

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Nick Kent, Bowie, Zeppelin & “I’m The New Debbie Harry”

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By Olaf Tyaransen

The Evening Herald


Back in the daze before OZone became a respected, feared and smart-arsed Herald columnist, my main gig was as a respected, feared and smart-arsed rock journalist. So it was with much interest that I picked up veteran NME scribe Nick Kent’s just published memoir of the 1970s, Apathy for the Devil (the title coming from a sneered comment by Bob Dylan when asked for his opinion on the Rolling Stones’ mid-70s career).

I’ve never met Kent, but I’ve always liked his writing. Legendary Irish rock guru BP Fallon, who first introduced him to Bowie and Led Zeppelin, is mentioned several times (“a peculiar but not charmless little man who looked like a glam-rock leprechaun and spoke like an effete Irish hobbit”).

I give Beep a call to let him know he’s name-checked in the book. “I always liked Nick,” he tells me. “He was a real leftfield lunatic. I haven’t seen him in many full moons, though. I’m very pleased that he’s able to write books because at one point it seemed he couldn’t write his own name.”

Having recently released his debut single Fame #9 produced by Jack White, Beep tells me that his new band will be making their live world debut in Austin, Texas, on St. Patrick’s Day at the SXSW music festival. It’s quite some crew – his lead guitarist is Aaron Lee Tasjan who has played with the New York Dolls and the rhythm section is comprised of Blondie’s Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison.

“I’m the new Debbie Harry,” Beep laughs.

Aaron Lee Tasjan believes in Elvis Presley by BP Fallon in Nevada

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Band Of The Week
- from everywhere - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring The Brian Jonestown Massacre

00:00 BP & The Tayba Boogie & Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?
00:44 You’re Never Alone With BP Fallon – John Lennon
& Jaime Coon & Co
01:18 Tempo 116.7 (reaching for dangerous levels of sobriety)
- The Brian Jonestown Massacre
06:11 BP & The Trumpet Boogie
07:15 I Believe In Elvis Presley – BP Fallon
11:36 BP Fallon Interview By Jack White
15:48 Will There Be Enough Water – The Dead Weather
21:54 The Water’s All Run Dry – Wrinkle Neck Mules
25:59 The Ghost Who Walks – Karen Elson
29:12 BP rabbit
30:34 Someplace Else Unknown – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
36:47 Songs My Friends Taught Me – Laura Veirs
41:13 Because A Woman – Joe King Carrasco
46:04 BP boogaloo
47:13 Tunger Hnifur – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
51:15 Yr Mangled Heart – The Gossip
55:26 John Lennon fucks it
55:29 Magazine – The Mighy Steph
58:51 BP sees old friend
59:35 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
59:45 BP bows and exits stage left, smiling about Texas and beyond
61:24 The One – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
64:38 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

Karen Elson: 'The Ghost Who Walks' single cover
Karen Elson: ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ single cover

The Leather Boys: John Lennon & Paul McCartney &
Gene Vincent say hi from the Cavern Liverpool 1962
by Mike McCartney

Shea says hi from Milan March 2010

More vibey Wang Dang visuals plus live gig listings on brill

Happy everything.

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Size matters: BP Fallon goes 8″

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Jack White is having Texas-sized 45s of all the singles released on his Third Man Records label pressed up to be exclusively on sale at the Third Man Record’s pop-up shop at SXSW in Austin.

Thus BP Fallon’s ‘Fame #9′ 7″ 45 will now also be a proud 8″ of circular black vinyl.

Third Man Records LPs will be available as Texas-sized 13″ platters.

Says BP: “It’s all beyond amazing. I mean, to be on the same label as Wanda Jackson and Karen Elson, apart from all the other benign boogaloo…”

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March 05 Fuck Buttons Wang Dang Doodle

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Band Of The Week
- from England - Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons live

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Fuck Buttons

00:00 BP Fallon
00:48 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:58 Space Mountain – Fuck Buttons
09:42 BP verbal
10:13 A Pirate’s Life – We Cut Corners
12:48 Microphone In Brain – Coyle & Sharpe
15:35 Rough Steez – Fuck Buttons
20:19 BP rabbit
21:13 The Lisbon Maru – Fuck Buttons
30:32 Married Creature – Emit Bloch
33:45 Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Blind Willie Johnson
36:53 If I Had My Way – Blind Willie Johnson
40:00 BP boogie
40:33 She Said (She’s Alright) – Sunsplit
44:25 Hold On – The Asteroid #4
49:24 Oh My Mind – The Sounds Of Kaleidoscope
53:50 BP bows to the universe
54:53 Flight Of The Feathered Serpent – Fuck Buttons
64:20 And the jingles jangling go auld triangling

“Who’s got the crack?” – Keef & JB & John Belushi

More Wang Dang visuals plus live gig listings on brill

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Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Yes

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Robert Plant & BP Fallon & evidence, Abbey Road recording studios London Feb 25 2010

Robert Plant was singing at Abbey Road studios in London in aid of Cancer Research, the charity driven by Bob Harris who once had cancer. It was an amazing evening. Over £200,000 was raised.

Full review here of an extraordinary night from the Led Zeppelin magazine ‘Tight But Loose’ by the editor Dave Lewis

Robert Plant, after singing with a 76-voice choir – singing the Scott Walker opus ‘Farmer In The City’ and then ‘I Bid You Goodnight’ from The Incredible String Band’s ‘A Very Cellular Song’ with Nigel Eaton on the hurdy gurdy, all magnicent stuff, Robert singing so fucking soulful – after that Robert says to BP “There’s this book someone left for me to sign. There’s a picture of us back then. We must get our picture taken with it”. So they do.

Evidence: BP Fallon & Robert Plant & Vanessa Gilbert meet the snake & the snake man, the balcony of The Continental Hyatt House, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood May 1973. Photograph from ‘Led Zeppelin – The illustrated Biography’ by Gareth Thomas.

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