Jack White produces first-ever 45 by BP Fallon

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Jack White’s Third Man Records have announced the release of the very first single by BP Fallon – produced by Jack White who also plays guitars on it.

It is released next Tuesday December 8.

BP Fallon – ‘Fame #9′ b/w ‘BP Fallon Interview by Jack White’ & ‘I Believe in Elvis Presley’

Back cover of the single sleeve

Recorded at Third Man Studios in Nashville in September, BP’s release will be the first in Third Man Records’ new Spoken Word Instructional Record series and will also mark the release of the first-ever three-sided 45 record – presented by TMR in their patented and exclusive ‘Single Signal’ sound design.

Side A: ‘Fame #9′ written and spoken by BP Fallon

Side B left side of groove: BP Fallon Interview by Jack White

Side B right side of groove: ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’ written by BP Fallon and Aaron Lee Tasjan, BP Fallon: Vocals, Jack White: Guitars, Patrick Keeler: Drums, Society Red: Bass, Guitar

On Side B of the record if you wish to listen to either the interview or the song by itself, simply turn the balance knob completely to the left or right side

Produced by Jack White III. Recorded at Third Man Studios Nashville TN September 2008

Engineered by Vance Powell assisted by Joshua V Smith. Mixed by Jack White and Vance Powell

Sleeve design by Jack White and Miles Johnson. Layout by Miles Johnson. Photos by Joe McCaughey

Front cover of the single sleeve

The 7” vinyl 45 release is available at the Third Man Records Online Store and at groovy record stores globally.

The three tracks are also available on iTunes.

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A foggy day in Dublin town – the view from EI 157 by BPF Nov 28 2009

BP Fallon has whizzed over from New York to Dublin via London to prepare for his DJing All tomorrow’s Parties ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ next weekend in England. Taking place at Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Minehead, Somerset next Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 4/5/6, the three-day festival is curated by My Bloody Valentine – ie Kevin Shields and chums chose all the acts – and among the other brilliant bands playing are Primal Scream, Sonic Youth, E.P.M.D, Sun Ra Archestra and De La Soul.

Gemma Hayes, Television Personalities and The Tyde and  have just been confirmed as joining the fun and frolics.

As well as DJing each night before My Bloody Valentine unleash their magic, BP DJs the Crazy Horse party Saturday night/Sunday morning 2.30am to 5.30am and the Irish Bar on Sunday night/Monday morning midnight to 2am. Wheeew!

Just announced! My Bloody Valentine will perform a special warm up rehearsal show at ATP Centre Stage on Thursday 3rd December. BP Fallon will DJ this very special event. Details here

‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ full lineup & stage times

ATP on bpfallon.com

BPF thanks Radek and Delta and Aer Lingus

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Nov 27 Wang Dang Doodle

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Artist Of The Week – from San Francisco – Chuck Prophet

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Chuck Prophet

00:00 - BP na na nana na
00:08 - You’re Never Alone With BP Fallon – John Lennon & Jaime Coon
01:07 - Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
01:17 - Where The Hell Is Henry? - Chuck Prophet
03:31 - The Black Keys – I Got Mine
07:24 - This Is The End – Steve Conte

Full playlist and more pix at BreakThruRadio.com

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‘Dead Mantra’ by Dead Skeletons

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Alan McGee turned us onto this hypnotic tune and its mesmerising video. Band members: Nonni Dead and Henrik Bj̦rnsson and Ryan Van Kriedt and Aislinn Van Kriedt. Influences: God РMagick РTruth РLove. Sounds like: Inside our head. Record label: Unsigned.

Alan McGee on Anton Newcombe and Dead Skeletons

BP Fallon & Alan McGee DJing at Death Disco Dublin
Video by Frances Roe

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Nov 20 Wang Dang Doodle

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Band Of The Week – from Buenos Aires & Brooklyn – Richards

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Richards

00:00 – BP over the mountain
00:11 – Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:21 – Detroit City – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’
04:44 – BP verbal
05:36 – Find You – Richards
10:21 – Barely Exist – Chuck Prophet
15:23 – Sacred Cows – Slinky Vagabond

Full playlist and more pix at BreakThruRadio.com

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The Dead Weather slay New York in intimate gig

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The Dead Weather are the best new band in America. It’s not a race and who’s counting but there it is. Wham bam thank you man.

Are we biased? Fuck yes.

Announced only days before the gig and sold out in less than a minute, The Dead Weather’s appearance at Williamsburg Music Hall was nothing less than stunning, ranging from the rampaging raunch of ‘I Cut Like A Buffalo’ to the swamp-country seduction of ‘Will There Be Enough Water’ with Jack White leaving his treat-me-like-your-motherfucking drumming for a mo’ to play searing guitar as he and Alison Mosshart burn vocals into the same mic.

TDW’s choice of covers alone is reason enough to be a believer: Jack’s dramatic reading of the Van Morrison/Them song ‘You Just Can’t Win’ and Dylan’s ‘New Pony’ being rocked out of its revered socks. And alongside the pummeling ‘Trampled Underfoot’ Led Zep groove that guitarist Dean Fertita and bassman Jack Lawrence bring to ‘Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning To Death’ by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, we get hot new songs like ‘Jawbreaker’ all stacatto crunch that roars plus Alison’s feral stylings in the jittery ‘No Horse’ and Mr White’s explosive twanging in ‘I Can’t Hear You’. Sonic dynamite.

Photography (above): Jack White and Alison Mosshart and (below) The Dead Weather – Dean Fertita, Jack White, Alison Mosshart and Jack Lawrence – by BPF Nov 17 2009

Permit us to recommend the new Dead Weather digital release, an unannounced EP ‘Live From Third Man West’ which features five songs and four videos from their performance at the Third Man Records pop-up store in Los Angeles in August. Available through iTunes.

More Dead Weather pix

And meanwhile Jack White has been producing The Queen Of Rockabilly herself, Miss Wanda Jackson. ‘Let’s Have A Party’ indeed! Amazing. Wanda hails Jack as “one of the biggest stars on the planet” and the pairing may sound similar to what Jack did with Loretta Lynn for her 2004 Grammy-winning record ‘Van Lear Rose’ – but 2009 Rock’n'Roll Hall of Fame nominee Wanda says “They had a super album but he didn’t have her do anything different, you know. She just did her little Loretta Lynn songs. But he told me he’s gonna stretch me some, so we’ll see.”

Says Jack of working with Wanda: “It was just supposed to be a seven-inch [single] but we did a lot more songs, so maybe it will be something bigger. There was a lot of good stuff. It’s a wild record.”

Can’t wait!

Photography: Wanda Jackson and Elvis 1956 photographer unknown. In the mid-50s Elvis and Wanda toured America’s Deep South together and while they were dating he turned the country girl onto this new sensation he was helping invent called rock’n'roll.

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Photography: BPF & Kevin Shields at Death Disco London 2002 by BPF

BP Fallon has been announced as DJing the three-day All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in England starring MBV, Primal Scream, Sonic Youth and Sun Ra Arkestra among the cast of some thirty must-see bands.

ATP’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ takes place the weekend of Dec 4 to Dec 6 at Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Minehead in Somerset, nicely situated beside the seaside. All the artists and the audience take up residence in the holiday camp chalets and bungalows for the three days – and nights  - of festivities, musical or otherwise.

This is be the second time My Bloody Valentine have asked BP to DJ with them at ATP – in America last autumn, he DJed the MBV-curated ATP in the Catskill Mountains north of New York. “The American one was beyond brilliant. ATP are outlaws in the world of corporate live music, they’re rockin’ on the borderline” say BP. “And the lineup in England is particularly killer, a skilled bit of choosing by Kevin, Colm, Bilinda and Deb. I mean, where else would you get the likes of this? I’m honoured to be part of this sonic circus. This is rock’n'roll”.

Photography (below): BPF & Bobby Gillespie flying Belfast to London by BPF

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Nov 13 Wang Dang Doodle

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Artist Of The Week – from Los Angeles – Tom Waits

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle featuring Tom Waits

00:00 The Wall comes down
00:10 Don’t Humphrey That Intro
00:25 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:35 Lucinda/Ain’t Goin’ Down – Tom Waits
06:12 Your Mangled Heart – Gossip
10:20 BP speak
11:12 Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Rmx) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Full playlist and more pix at BreakThruRadio.com

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James Last plays ‘Silver Machine’

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Hilarious bit of 1974 footage of The James Last Orchestra splendidly throttling Hawkwind’s 1972 hit ‘Silver Machine’ – which was sung by Lemmy who then formed Motorhead who were named after the last song Lemmy recorded with Hawkwind before they fired him.

We believe Lemmy would love this version, with a tantalising glimpse of Neil Young (maybe) on guitar and Mr Last in his cream suit showing us all that he’s a very nifty mover indeed.

Hawkwind with Lemmy third from left


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Nov 6 Wang Dang Doodle

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BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle with Band Of The Week -
from Bundoran, Co Donegal, Ireland -
Johnny Gallagher & The Boxtie Band

BP Fallon’s WDD featuring Johnny Gallagher & The Boxtie Band

00:00 BP Fallon & Little Richard
00:20 Ramalama Boogaloo Wang Dang Doodle – Ronnie Drew
00:30 Fuck The People – The Kills
04:46 What The Fuck – Carbon Silicon
07:58 BP verbal
08:28 Redlight – Johnny Gallagher & The Boxtie Band

Full playlist and more pix at BreakThruRadio.com

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